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'The Zionist Story’ is an independent historical documentary produced by Ronen Berelovich in 2011. It’s a story of Palestinian Holocaust by the western Jews with the active help of Christian colonial powers’ agenda to solve their centuries-old “Jewish Problem”. The World Zionist Organization’s (WZO) dream of creating a country, based on Talmudic racism and apartheid, only for Jews around the world – is still in the making today. Watch the full documentary below.

It’s an excellent documentary which includes scholarly comments by Jewish and Christian historians and journalists like professor Jeff Halper, professor Ilan Pappe, Terry Boullata and veteran British journalist Alan Hart. However, the documentary missed the historic fact that there already existed a Jewish homeland Birobidjan, established by the Russian dictator Joseph Stalin (all his three wives happened to be Jewish) in 1934.

Furthermore, the documentary doesn’t address the powerful Jewish Lobby, comprising of 52 pro-Israel American Jewish organizations, which practically runs the US foreign policy.

Ronen Berelovich (Berek Joselewicz) is an ex. Israeli Jewish soldier.