Third Consciousness
Friday, May 1, 2009

We finally know why mankind and the Earth had experienced low awareness mentality and WHY we had to experience this reality itself.
The intention is that through the 3rd Earth low awareness,of our own 4th EGO awareness and understanding for our own growth and development than we can return to our 5th consciousness because we have experienced and lived.
Because our very existence we have been in the 5th consciousness, and the intention is that our 4th + 5th consciousness itself and understanding, because we force this on our own 2 consciousness is homemade.


The intention is that our 4th EGO awareness and understanding takes place when our own 4th chakra understanding, there is our own personality hegemonic, this is a difficulty because it is difficult to recognize their own errors in balance in our EGO and these are our own. Then we are homogeneous, this means that we balance our feminine and masculine characteristics and feelings. If our EGO in balance, we can go through the 4th + 5th + 6th awareness by mental knowledge and understanding. Our brain can not understand mental or spirituality.

Lit it is intended, illuminated by our negativity we have been saved or if it is still so small. Between our 4th + 5th consciousness is but a small difference in, is aware of yourself, this is a personal TASKS. We are responsible for ourselves to an eternal life beyond to ON REQUIREMENTS, we can achieve themselves as ourselves in balance. It's all to ourselves. Currently there is a diversity of options offered, this is to stimulate people to a choice, this means open to spiritual spirituality. Ga own research, read as much as possible and the one you get into the other and then you're on the Spiritual Path. Research what you read or hear or your truth, trust your intuition and your instinct.

If we improve our intuitive been caught it would listen, we know already that our truth from our minds, and this is INNER knowledge, listen to your instincts because that is INNER feeling something or the truth. In our minds about the truth, if we just read or hear the truth in EIS, if we go to truth consciousness. Rely on yourself to come we always know the truth and this gives more confidence to know that the truth is in us.

"I know from my own experience. As I was growing and becoming more balanced, I did my 6th SENSES increasingly used and this is direct knowledge. I always demand the TRUTH, so I had a few things in my articles changed because I grew so much in spiritually and I have made my articles because I only wanted the truth by giving. "

The intention is that all of us a have new path and are open to the spiritual aspect of ourselves, nobody does mental poverty. So fortunately, there are many conscious people on Earth, they have confidence and believe in the future. Know that you have more confidence to know!

Say not that I do not know, if I do nothing to change, as you say, makes it clear that your ignorance to continue otherwise you do not say so. This growth trend is for everyone, but everyone can understand, it has nothing to do with a high IQ intelligence 'wisdom' to make it is to be spiritually aware, this is Spiritual SQ, Spiritual intelligence is' wisdom '. With our eyes open and listen better. Know, understand, a chakra blocks all if we just have not understood, so there are many still not in balance. A self-examination is bringing us closer to ourselves and if you read this you're on the spiritual path and this is an inner journey and once we are doing it will allow everyone to give it your all and delivers ENRICHMENT.

We do not believe in God for spirituality, because it IS spiritual wisdom, you can also say the Creator of the Father, anyone can say what he wants because we are free.

Source: spiritualwisdom.nl

Translated version of http://www.spiritualwisdom.nl/derdebewustzijn.php