Towards our ascension
Saturday, March 14, 2009

We live in a special time when humanity a mega shift in consciousness will go through. Very long-lived humanity in the low frequency of the third dimension reality. This reality is characterized by the duality principle, which we played a game to as many experiences as possible to be able to do in both polarities. Cyclic was determined that our consciousness open and clear, or would be completed and versatile. In this closed period versatility we last eon en spent. We created this state of consciousness our illusory world, where we were even believe that the real truth was.

Of course this was also true in our experience. It could not be otherwise experienced as our awareness of who we were actually versatile, and the polarity of the separation further stressed. The game of the earth that way by the billions of souls played wrote his own history. The principle of good and evil has been making images of God versus evil and love versus fear.

More and more we as souls became entangled in this illusionary reality and in the many forms of anxiety. The dark, the fear was always more grip on the game and developed a range of experience from various fields such as power issues, survival strategies and control mechanisms. The love was increasingly felt and they often lapsed into their mental experiences. This was all part of the game and it was good as it was.

We all have with each incarnation our role. Sometimes the "bad", another time you fulfilled the role of "victim". Every time you turned a group of souls back to the opposite poles to experience and learn from your lessons. Thousands of years, so until this day.

With the start of the Aquarius Age there is an end to this game of duality on earth. Everything is experienced and lived in the most extreme form. Just look around you in the world. To this end, there is obviously also a new beginning of another game that we introduced in the future tense in the world can play together.

This new game is now based on the principles of unity and love. From now the old game with karma and all extinction on our planet in the new game completely different experience to go and do it as soul evolutionary seen further growth.

All life forms are related to evolutionary growth cyclical and will be upgraded, so is mankind on earth. You understand that this is an immense operation means that here on earth, but also in the rest of our universe are unprecedented. The earth is literally and figuratively in vibration to lift up just the right environment to ensure that the new game to play. There is a long time of preparation preceded and now the moment has come that we each have our own stock and be placed on the choice whether or not it would go.

Prefer you not to go beyond a life on our planet changed for you in the future no longer possible, because in the new game to play you need to remember who you really are, so the correct resonance to obtain. Remembering your true self through the path of awareness, which you know. Because each share of yourself and to the light to learn what beliefs, behaviors and emotions your core personality is made. You are in the course of many lives become entangled in the many experiences and energy temples, which had resulted. You need a backpack to luggage with you that your true Self versluierd has. By yourself, layer by layer to discard the accumulated traumas, fears, pain, sorrow, disappointment and numerous variations on this, you can heal yourself and learn different lessons that you have planned for your life through learning. This can be the red thread of your life call. Using the power of love can heal everything, and it again the insights gained.

This path of self discovery and development precedes the actual ascension to the 5th dimension reality. You therefore grows low, compaction 3rd dimension in which the illusion of separation was experienced through the path of awareness in the interim, we call the 4th dimension, ultimately to a state in which you will become your true self are . All lessons are learned, insights are gathered, you have all the classes met the gifts they bore and assimilated into your core personality. You have the energy of the temples, so you always have the experience to learn these lessons attracted, released and you are always more love and light become. All the fears that are tied to the illusion you've seen and love released. You have yourself and your fellow players forgive. You have gained insight into how the game together Saturday, and what role you have played it. You let the illusion increasingly behind you now because you can distinguish the old and the new truth. Your energy is higher frequency of vibration become. You feel plays the lead and is your only guide. That also makes it initially difficult to comply with this process. We have become so mentally focused in this society, that much dedication and perseverance it takes to raise awareness of road and now you feel your heart in everything you do.

Understandable that many people find their places to follow gurus, spiritual communities and courses to support and understanding to find what so many need.

However, it is desirable to learn your way mainly on its own compass from within led to follow. All the wisdom you have in you, everything is there already, you need only call to make and learn to your heart to life. You feel you all the information and signals which may or may not be good for you. That way you develop your own wisdom and insights that have the exact path to your hearing. Know that you are assigned a unique with its own path and own pace of development. You have the freedom and free will at any time to choose what you want to do in your life. It is also important to realize that you alone are responsible for yourself and the life you lead. That responsibility, many people leave to others, which they think they know better than themselves. That is yourself be fooled and are often born from a kind of laziness or fear of it not to save. This course will not be cause and only clearly that many people forget is who he really is, a divine being with all the capabilities and power of this.

This awareness can help you to own underlying fears and know they love to resolve that your real strength may come again. You take the handle of your life back into their own hands, and therefore your responsibility to back.

It is always fun and go more and more discover that you all are able and what insights you can gain experience. The desire of the soul to return to the status of your true self is driven in this particular process. More and more people have the choice already made and sitting in their own processes of cleaning, healing and growth. For this first group of people is the road difficult and heavy, because they are still much misunderstanding and opposition from their environment effects. It will, however, as time progresses and this group is spreading increasingly easier to find like-minded people and exchange of experience and mutual understanding and support it.

A new meaning to add to our lives and makes our lives much more exciting and interesting to be doing. You are also getting better in your skin feel as you rid yourself of all your barriers and fears. Your health improves and your energy frequency increases to a higher level, increase your capabilities and you open the door for you cosmic birth, your ascension. On Earth, this process is underway, supported by the energies from the universe to reach us. All living things will undergo a oplifting in frequency and be prepared for a new reality in the 5th dimension as possible.

If cosmic man you the illusion behind your left and go into the new learning game creation. You can learn your own heaven on earth to create the spiritual laws of life and thus to create a new environment in which the starting unit and love. It is intended that the earth's original paradise state will get back.

This is in short the thread of the cover on earth and that which every man can play his role. It is a great privilege to live in this time and all these developments so close to it and the opportunity to have your own bit in to contribute. We will together make possible, we are the players in the game. Never before has this earth in this form, and there are many opportunities in Sunday short time a quantum jump in growth to do. We may each moment of our trip to begin our ascension.

Source: denieuwetijd