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On Friday, Hillary Clinton’s senior counter-terrorism adviser, Zionist Jew Daniel Benjamin while announcing US State Department’s new sanctions against Hizbullah, Syria and Iran – told reporters that Islamic resistance organization Hizbullah may hit Israel, Jewish and American interests in Europe and around the world.

“Our assessment is that Hezbollah and Iran will both continue to maintain a heightened level of terrorist activity and operations in the near future. We are increasingly concerned about Hezbollah’s activities on a number of fronts, including its stepped up terrorist campaign around the world. And we assess that Hezbollah could attack in Europe or elsewhere at any time with little or no warning,” said Daniel.

Interestingly, Hizbullah has been carrying-out military resistance against the Zionist entity since 1980s, but has never carried a suicide bombing attack against Jews or assassinated any foreign leader or scientist – which happens to be the hall-mark of Israel.

Hizbullah is the most organized political and social organization with an armed resistance wing. It’s part of the current Lebanese government with three cabinet ministers (2 Shias and 1 Sunni) – and 11 MPs in country’s parliament. Hizbullah is declared as a ‘terrorist group’ by Israel, the US and Canada among the 192 United Nations member countries.

Last month, European Union rejected Israeli demand to declare Hizbullah as a ‘terrorist organization’. Hizbullah is the only Arab armed group which has defeated Israel twice – in 2000 and 2006.

Israel was behind the assassination of Hizbullah leaders Abbas al-Musawi (1992) and Imad Fayez Mughniyah (2008). Israeli Mossad was also behind the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri in 2005.

According to US-Israeli Jewish blogger Richard Silverstein Iran’s deputy defense minister Gen. Ali Reza Asgari was kidnapped by Israeli agents and murdered in jail in 2010. In January 2012, Richard Silverstein also claimed that Israel was behind the assassinations of Iranian scientists. Richard also wrote on August 12, 2012 that part of George Bush’s $400 million (2007) for covert ops to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program ended up in Mossad’s operating budget.

Thirtynine years ago, Israel’s foreign minister Ehud Barak commander of the elite Sayeret Matkal IDF commando unit, lead a assassination squad to Beirut to kill three senior PLO leaders. “In order to avoid suspicion, some of the Sayeret Matkal troops, including Barak, donned wigs, dressed as women and walked lovingly arm-in-arm with their non-costumed male counterparts,” reported by Israel Defense Force blog on April 9, 2012. Barak’s colleagues included Gen. Amnon Lipkin-Shahak who succeeded Barak as Israel Occupation Force (IOF) Chief of Staff in 1995 – and Yoni Netanyahu, brother of Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Yoni was killed during Israeli false flag operation at Entebbe (Uganda) airport in 1976.

No wonder Hizbullah fighters beat the hell out of these Jewish sissy brave soldiers in 2006 Israel-Lebanon war.

Recently, US-Israel produced Gauss virus infected 2500 bank account data machines in Lebanon, Iran and Israel – two-third in Lebanon as part of CIA-Mossad operation to track Hizbullah’s financial transactions. According to Roel Schouwenberg, senior researcher at Moscow-based Kaspersky Laboratory, the Gauss like Stuxnet, Flame and Duqu, can be used as a surveillance tool.

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US: ‘Hizbullah plans terrorist attacks in Europe’ | Rehmat's World