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Puerto Rico, an intense series under strict military control
Caribbean country, controlled by the U.S., is the scene of frequent occurrences


Phenomena in place are amazing and seem to indicate contacts with alien beings
Soon after the war between the United States and Spain, in 1898, in which the latter was defeated, the archipelago of Puerto Rico, the smallest island of the Greater Antilles, was invaded and occupied by U.S. military forces. Coveted by the colonial powers of the nineteenth century, for its strategic position in the Caribbean, the islands were a valuable collection of war for the U.S. Navy. This prevented the holding of a plebiscite in favor of the emancipation of the country, prompted by the Puerto Ricans themselves. By not voting, the United States declared its sovereignty to Puerto Rico and smaller islands that are part of its territory - including Vieques, Culebra, Mona, Monito and Desechos - thanks to the so called Paris Agreement, in which the Spain ceded sovereignty over the region. On March 17, 1941, through Public Act 13, America has spent $ 36 million to build a naval base on the island of Vieques, also called Isla Nena.

Not only that the military interest in the island, the numerous and very strange incidents related to the presence of UFOs and alien beings in the area also aroused American interest in the site. It was this unusual presence that led the investigation that resulted in the book Vieques: Shooting Range Of The Third Kind [Vieques: Field Firing Range of the Third Kind]. More than five months later, on August 25, 1941, through new public act (247), authorized the naval forces of his country to begin the process of expropriation of two thirds of the area of Vieques. However, the process of purchasing land only began in 1942. In exchange for their properties, some residents of small island received $ 27 and were cruelly placed in locations near their old property, where even babies were born in the open. Five years later, in August 1947, the Ministry of Interior and the U.S. Navy decided to transform the entire island of Vieques in the naval base. For this purpose, organized the transfer of residents to the island of Santa Cruz, the Virgin Islands. In 1963, the U.S. military authorities have proposed - in fact, tried to reimpose - "Plan Dracula," which aimed, beyond the replacement of all the inhabitants on the main island of Puerto Rico or Santa Cruz, the removal of all graves and corpses from a cemetery in Vieques for it.

This second attempt did not work the Navy through the action of Governor Luis Muñoz Marin, who warned the institution of the serious social and political turmoil that such an action could trigger the country in view of the religiosity of the Puerto Ricans. With that, the Navy withdrew the original plan. Still, Vieques is still considered a strategic region. Opposite ends of the island - two thirds of its territory - are occupied by the U.S. Navy, which conducts military exercises on the spot and practically forces people to cluster around the center. The residents are always at the mercy of bombs erratic, especially in military areas of the island. One of these sites, called Bulls-Eye Target Two [Bull's Eye Target Two], serves as a testing ground for nuclear bombs.

Tests of warfare - The Field of the Atlantic Fleet Weapons consists of the Naval Base Roosevelt Trail, Vieques and until 1980, by its neighboring island of Culebra, one of the sites used by U.S. Navy and allied naval fleets of their tests for land, as well as experimentation with new weapons. Important naval equipment has been tested in the area, such as air missiles and ground Walleye, Bulldog and Bullup. According to residents, the bomb tests are more intense in the spring months, with an average of 140 years and the participation of 24 vessels. The timing and duration of operations are frequently changed and is not therefore possible to establish the legality of military activity on the island. Besides the risk that the public is with the constant military exercises, there is a complaint that the Navy would be uranium ammunition used in his tests at sea. The complaint has serious support on the alarming rates of cancer found among the people of Vieques, the highest recorded in Puerto Rico. Still, it's only inhabited area in the world where military ammunition active use for bombing exercises and tests of new weapons. This practice is common for more than 60 years, coupled with the military presence on site, led to a deterioration of the environment, cultural and even spiritual values of the entire community. Not to mention the accidental deaths in war exercises and unreasonable punishments. An example is the condemnation of the fisherman Carlos Zenon and his son, Yabureibo to six months in jail for simply having entered the field of fire - an act that is usually punished with a warning or a fine of $ 25.

Despite the mystery surrounding the island and military activities, events UFO are constantly recorded, mostly by residents of Vieques. The fisherman Corcino, for example, spotted along with Carlos Zenon and other friends a big bright light that was heading out to sea. According to him, initially thought it was a boat jammed, but as they approached, they might notice a huge large round object with yellow lights, flashing red and green at its edges. At its bottom, it was possible to see a big green light in the center, moving toward the sea. According to Corcino, the object was about three meters above the sea. "What most impressed us was like a huge object of those were hanging motionless in the sky. He was sucking water from the sea, "he reported. According to the fisherman, you could see the water rising and entering underneath the object, where was the green light. "It was a big column of water, no fish or anything else in it." Corcino also recalls that it all happened in absolute silence. "We got closer to the UFO and he kept silent. Moments later, went quickly towards the mountains El Yung, or the Naval Station Roosevelt Trail, Ceiba on the island. "

Discoid craft - The friends decided then not to reveal the strange experience to anyone. "We can not talk about it when we get back, because nobody will believe it," said Zenon. The fact Corcino and his companions had seen a flying object or discoid craft is of utmost importance to UFO research, it reaffirms the sample in areas of high alien demonstrations in Puerto Rico. The same friends were also the protagonists of other UFO incidents later. In one, during a night of clear skies and no clouds, they saw a big bright light and green emerging from the seabed. According to Corcino, the object was discoid, dark and very large. The fishermen thought initially that this was an American submarine. However, when they should be sticking out of the water, the light went out suddenly. At this moment, they heard a big jet of water falling into the sea near where they were, which also dipped. It was like something had emerged and climbed into the sky in the darkness.

After the incident, the friends left the scene quickly, startled. According to them, are common sightings of balls of light that sometimes "out of pipes in the ponds." For fishermen, the strange objects appear to be controlled by an intelligent force, which makes them disappear suddenly. "What we saw in the sea looked like what people call a flying saucer. I have no doubt. And do not believe it was the Navy because, as I know, nobody is able to do such a thing, "said Corcino. His account adds up to dozens of residents. Huge UFOs, which suck water from the sea, mysterious balls of light, apparently endowed with intelligence, are just some of the objects described by inhabitants of this and other islands of Puerto Rico. UFO occurrences are recorded long ago, but kept secret by the Ministry of the United States Navy and the political authorities of Puerto Rico. And precisely this interest in the unusual facts of the military on the island may be the main reason for installation of the naval base. "Who knows, the Navy is conducting research on this site, with the objects and even with humans on board the flying saucers?" He asks Corcino. "I think the authorities do not want anyone to know what you're dealing with," he says.

For the fisherman, the most important thing is that even if there are objects and alien beings on the island, "they never harmed the residents of Vieques. Those who hurt us, hurt the island and the contaminates are the individuals in the Navy. So it is the Navy that should go away and leave us alone, "he analyzes. Corcino also said that the island was installed recently, a powerful radar system in Playa Grande, the controversial and highly secret radar system Rothrs [Relocatable Over-the- Horizon Radar, or on the Horizon Radar relocatable], designed to alert tactical combat air groups and threatens to surface in large areas. Rothrs Two U.S. Navy are operated in Corpus Christi, Texas, and Chesapeake, Virginia covering the Caribbean and parts of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Rothrs These are used for full-time surveillance in anti-narcotic action. A third is based in Puerto Rico.

War exercises - Scholars and residents go to great lengths to try to end military exercises on the island. The sociologist and professor at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Gazir Sued for example, is an active member of groups of peaceful civil disobedience, claiming that the cease of military exercises and bomb tests in the region. In 2000, however, appeared to be Sued incredulous at the findings related to the presence of UFOs and beings from non-human origin apparently in Vieques, and as such presence seemed somehow to be linked to the activities of the Navy. His indifferent attitude is quite common in intellectual circles of the country, which usually do not give importance to the UFO series. Not that these individuals want to hide what is happening, but just do not have access to information or never took the initiative to investigate the matter with any degree of scientific objectivity. Take as true all the misinformation that the intelligence agencies of the U.S. have spread in the last 50 years, the scientific establishment, intellectual and academic, funded by other than hiding the truth from facts, especially when it comes to UFO phenomena. We must be attentive to the fact that science does not explain what has not been investigated, but investigates the unexplained.

Fortunately, there are intellectuals with a true scientific mind, clean and free from bias. These are individuals who, observing a phenomenon for which we do not have an explanation, they acknowledge its existence and seek understanding. Teacher Sued Gazir is one of those individuals. In early 2001, when the Navy began a new series of military exercises on the island, the groups of civil disobedience protest. Some people went on shooting ranges and volunteered as human shields to prevent ships and military aircraft dropping bombs on Vieques. Sued attended all the demonstrations of civil disobedience, to monitor the area at the top of Mount Caramel. Following this action, the group divided into subgroups, to penetrate the Field Garcia, another military zone. In June of that year, the Field of Justice and Peace, Sued reported that he and several companions found in the military zone. According to the sociologist, on a night between 27 and 29 April 2001, around 21:30, when they were on top of Mount Caramel, noting the area with binoculars and a sign wishing a light like fireworks or firecrackers to warn civilians that were at the shooting range, they noticed a strange object resembling a bright star.

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According Sued, there was no moon that night, so the object could be clearly seen and identified by the light that emanated from him, if it were something known. "We started to observe it with binoculars. It was long and oval, about seven smaller oval shapes and bright inside, along its structure. It emitted a bluish white light very strong as a weld. Hung in the air, perfectly still, "he reported.
"There was a plane or helicopter or blimp. We watched for about 15 minutes. Someone called us and we turned for a few seconds. When we look back, the object was gone. " According Sued, the UFO hovered at an average height, not far from the Observation Post No. 1 - the building where the commanders of the Navy review the results of the missions of tests with bombs and bullets - or the camp of the soldiers in Camp Garcia.

Show another world - that night, there were a large number of military and civilian participants in the protest area, so Sued estimates that everybody saw the show. " "Soon after we began to discuss the details of the sighting, but we do not find an explanation for the curious appearance. That was an objective fact, something we could not deny or explain, that existed and had been seen. Not that we believe in extraterrestrial beings or something, but a person with scientific knowledge can not deny the facts, "said sociologist, who has not ruled out the involvement of the Navy with the event. "We believe it may have been a strange exercise of the Navy, something that we have no knowledge.
Decidedly, it was a UFO, suspended in the sky. "

Besides the sightings of strange lights, you can find many testimonials on Vieques observation of non-human entities. One example was reported by Sanes Mercedes and her husband, the fisherman Luis Ortiz, respectively sister and brother of the late David Sanes. Ortiz worked at Sun Bay resort, south of Vieques, many years. I must admit I saw some strange objects in the sky. They are big and bright, always followed by four smaller ones. The distance from where I saw them, I might need that are bigger than my Jeep [your car is about 1.80 by 2.10 m]. This only to get an idea of the size of these things, "he told Ortiz, who claims to have seen the objects for years. He said the sightings are common around 21:00 or 21:30, often while working at Sun Bay "They come from the west, going eastbound, toward the area of Camp Garcia and the Navy firing range," said .

The format of the UFOs observed by the fisherman and the circumstances of the sighting are in addition to other descriptions of UFO experiences on the island, oval shaped device, which emits no noise. "And the smaller objects usually follow the big, as if in formation. The great light has a yellow-orange very strong, and the other four are also bright as stars. Each has a different color: white, yellow, red and blue. Sometimes they stand in the air "he says. Mercedes, in turn, reported that he saw, on one occasion with her husband on the balcony of his residence in La Mina: "It was as if the object were calling me and when I left, there he was. It was very large, bright, with a golden yellow light. It moved in a westerly direction toward the Campo Garcia. Moreover, they always go in that direction, or come from there in a westerly direction, "he recalls. She said this time the device was suspended in the air, silently, for about half an hour and then suddenly disappeared. "It was very strange, but we think it should be something the Navy, so no comment to anybody," he explained.

These occurrences were not the only UFO starring Ortiz. "I saw two of these objects in 1998 being followed by a row of small artifacts and bright. Moments later, two military jets passed in the same direction. Certainly, the Jets came from the base at Roosevelt Trail "reports. The fisherman also recalls that shortly after the sighting, explosions were heard. "It was about 20:00 when we heard the noise. We imagine that they were doing military exercises with bombs on the firing range. " Half an hour later, however, one of the objects returned in a westerly direction. To date Ortiz was unable to ascertain whether they were being held in military testing site at the time of the sighting. The truth is that even with military action on the island, the UFO phenomena were becoming increasingly evident, which proves its authenticity.

Ortiz, for example, had yet another sighting. "We were at the funeral of our son, at home, when we saw a strange object hovering in the direction of Sun Bay I remember well that the incident happened after a few naval exercises." And what then was revealed even more startling: "In addition to objects, strange little men come here for many years," said excited, remember the reports of contacts with their neighbors on humanoid creatures in some of the local ponds. "I can say, because I saw them," he said. "And I was not alone. Others who go fishing in the pond also saw Kiani. Often, when we went fishing during the day, we saw these beings. They are very fast, has amazing agility. "
According to witnesses, the humanoids were extremely thin, pale, with thin arms and legs, almost like the chicken, and about one meter tall. "I say this because their feet have thin fingers, three or four, and crow's feet appear because they are long, thin and open," he said. Moreover, according to the fisherman, the creatures had small mouth, flat nose, dark eyes and bald head and smooth. "I can not explain well, because it was dark, but it is as if they have a fleshy web between the chest and arms. It would appear that his hands had webbed fingers. " Creatures such as those described by Ortiz are often seen on the island, especially in the lagoon Kiani - western end of Vieques, near the nature reserve for birds. Although the area has been returned to Vieques by the U.S. Navy, access to the lake is restricted to the public by federal authorities, alleging that the lake and surrounding land would be contaminated with chemicals and heavy metals, armaments that the Ministry of Navy maintains the site.

Is this the real reason for the restricted access to this area? If not, it is possible that the government is just trying to avoid that the residents know about the alien action on the island, just because they happen even in sectors controlled by the Navy. Another intriguing factor is that there are no reports of dangerous or hostile behavior of the strange creatures. According to Ortiz, the beings simply went away when they saw the humans. "They ran and jumped into the water. Never tried to do us harm. Incidentally, here in Vieques, who leads us astray is the Navy that we have certainty. "

On the other hand, it is interesting to note the similarity in the description of the sighted beings and their behavior and location of the observations. Especially since none of the witnesses knew the experiences of others, which makes the events even more intriguing and reaffirms the correctness of descriptions. After a logical analysis, we can say that what occurs is not coincidence or accident. And not just in Vieques. In the southeast of Puerto Rico, near the pond in Cartagena, also there are similar occurrences. However, the local media refuses to discuss the issue. Because of its implications, deserves all this information be disseminated to the population of Puerto Rico and the entire world. At the moment, we continue our research in the area. The phenomena that we find in the same place are amazing and seem to indicate that an official contact with non-human beings from other worlds is already happening and has happened in Vieques, Puerto Rico.