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On Thursday, Qaddafi’s former interior minister Gen. Abdel Fattah Younes, who had earlier joined the western colonists’ war against Libya – was shot dead along with his two aids in rebels’ stronghold Benghazi. He was the commanding the anti-Qaddafi alliance, the ‘Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya‘, which has very close relationship with French Crypto-Jew President Nicolas Sarkozy. It’s reported that the group has promised to give 35% of Libyan oil reserves to French companies.

The Washington’s recognized Opposition leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil while mourning Younes, called him “one of the heroes of the 17th of February revolution”, a name marking the date of early armed insurgency against Qaddafi’s regime. Interestingly, Younes was arrested on Jalil’s orders for what he called “military matters,” while others have said it concerned allegations of collaboration with Qaddafi.

It seems Younes murder was result of infighting among the rebel leaders over who will control the cash coming from Washington, London and Paris. Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton has already announced that money from Libya’s $30 billion assests blocked by Washington will be used to support anti-Qaddafi thugs. British Zionist-poodle, David Cameron has announced a donation of $50 million to the rebels helping NATO in Libya.

Younes’ troops, which make up the majority of the forces on the Eastern front, are convinced that the General was assassinated by a rival militia. Worse still it could become a tribal issue, since members of his own tribe are furious about the death of one of their leaders. There have already been reports of some inter-tribal violence. His tribe the Obeidi, is the largest tribe in the east and controls most of its territory. There are fears that Younes’ death could lead to serious tribal conflict amongst the rebels

Sounds like another failed Western military adventure in a Muslim-majority country for oil and Israel.

Western colonists mourn their Libyan rebel hero | Rehmat calling