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It is impossible to travel at the speed of light but theoretically if you could time would appear to stop.
Well, you *can't* travel AT lightspeed, since your mass would be infinite, and it would take an infinite amount of energy to get you going that fast...but if you could, time (from your point of view) would stop.And no, time travel isn't possible, and it has nothing to do with going the speed of light.Sorry -- I think you've been reading too much science fiction instead of science :)


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it would continue as normal, time goes just as fast for a cheetah and a snail doesnt itit still takes light a year to travel a light year, if traveling that fast stopped time, than light would have infinite speed


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Approaching c time contracts with respect to an observer on travelling but dilates for an stationary (whatever that would be) observer.

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As you approach the speed of light, time slows. Theoretically, nothing can travel the speed of light. That's why time travel isn't possible.
if you were able to achieve light speed time would move at a normal pace for you but when you came out of light speed to would find that all your friends were old or dead


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Time becomes irrelevant at light speed. That is the idea behind time travel, but it's still not possible.When an object travels at light speed, it reaches infinite mass. That's not possible so the fastest that anything can go is just under light speed. You would be going through time really fast and not age much at that speed, but time wouldn't be irrelevant at that point.


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you must go faster than light speed to time travelSuperman used to fly very fast counter-clockwise around the earth to go back in time.


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An experiment was done by credible scientists with atomic clocks(very accurate) and an airplane that reached a very high velocity. It flew across the Atlantic and when it reached its destination, the atomic clock was actually behind the correct time by several seconds!Therefore, theoretically there is an alteration of time and maybe a possibility of time travel. I've also heard that at the speed of light, you age less. Time goes by slower, theoretically.It's almost like Hammy from Over the Hedge :p


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I can travel at Light speed! Also I'm answering this questions form 3,000 years in the future.


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A solid object cannot travel at light speed, but, if you were to travel at .99 LS, all systems slow - mechanical and biological.


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they (physists) say that time for the object would slow down and the mass would increase, but i dont understand how that would happen when particles in labs expirements dont seem to increase to infinity
According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, you could never reach the speed of light. Energy = mass times the speed of light squared. And time slows down the faster you travel. When the astronauts first traveled to the moon, just the increased speed they were subjected to caused them to have aged three minutes less than everyone else here on Earth!