What is a Human Angel?
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The term Human Angel is in the literature already used thousands of years. The Group expresses only since 1999 on the development of Human Angels. In a live channeling in Veldhoven NL presented the "7 gifts of the third millennium". This message is the fifth gift that we are no longer the only Planet of Free Choice are. Second Planet of Free Choice was created and exists in its own evolutionary time frame.
The Group says that the Angels in Heaven as their highest goal is the greatness of people to reflect. And that we, as people now begin to develop to a higher vibration state. The next stop in our evolutionary journey will bring some of us to be Human Angels.

A Human Angel is someone who takes to task by spirit at just the right combination of time and space is a positive contribution to the life of another.

The Group reminds us there is a rush that can be very difficult to be a Human Angel. You will rarely see the harvest of the seeds you have sown. A Human Angel is also means that you must have people in their power to continue operating without accountability or the power of that person removed. Each angel will tell you that this is not an easy task. But you take on the task to be placed in situations where a kind word, a smile or a gift someone can help the course of his life forever changed, that is the work of a Human Angel.

The Group also proposes that this is only a temporary function, as those who choose the role of Human Engel in fact training for the role of Angel for the Second Planet of Free Choice.

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What is a Light Worker
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More and more you see and hear people who view themselves as workers, or spend. Also I think this course noticed but I attach no value. But there are people who have questions with the word light worker or even be able to disturb. Usually, the word light worker used by someone in a way like they want to profile themselves above others. A beautiful word and word to something, in this case itself, to consider whether or to distinguish and elevate above others. A light worker is a job not yet feature a hierarchy of something. Everyone is a light worker on his or her way into his or her time. I see just by chance that a fellow member editorial board has posted something about human angels. This is a term or word which refers to the same. To get light worker called human or angel is with me not really inside. Here is a good piece, in my opinion, which explains what is working well with light or light worker is provided.

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Light Work

What is light work? Who are the light workers?
This demand is creating many and the answers remain just as enigmatic. But the principle of light work very simple. Light Work Light = integrate and distribute, both in our own lives and that of others.

But what do we mean by 'light'?
In our society we see light everywhere : the light switch that you flick, to a lamp to burn a neon advertising in the city, the light at the end of the tunnel during the dying process, a matter 'highlight', 'me there's a light on ', etc. .. All have a common sense: if we talk about light than we indicate that a dark, dark or dark something is' light '. As our living room, the street, the tunnel, your thoughts, etc. .. Light is energy. This energy has a high vibration. The higher the vibration, the brighter the light. And the energy we use darkness to light, ignorance to transform into clear knowledge of, to bring clarity to situations and the truth "to light" it. Light workers work daily with Light. In that sense that light energy is used to re-inner-made creation. This re-collector shall ensure that we made with our lives to get started.
Her inner-made

But what do we do with her inner-made?
As light workers we assume that we are strong and creative light beings. Every human being on earth has a strong inner strength, a true creative power and because we are all part of that Special Creation Source, we also assume that we have similar creative power. We create our own reality and that information is everywhere around us. But in one way or another, when we came to earth, after our birth we forget who we really are and what we are doing. Our memory seems not so far as to issue. We feel limited in our knowledge and act it. However, people gradually begin her inner-made to other worlds and realities. We do not know where they re-collector shall come, but we know that more and more re-collector shall overcome. This is called "Awakening," a nice term for the fact that people who flush of limited wake up and know more and more re-made to our true inner essence saying. Suddenly, these people the information to himself and around himself to notice. What first appeared to be incomprehensible codes are interesting pieces. And each puzzle piece seems to fit into a whole. We are now so advanced that we re-inner can also call us and thus more re-inner how it was and will be re-living our true strength and our true essence to be.

We are going to expose ourselves as it were, allowing more re-made to the inner surface. As we grow as humans grow and increase in mean vibration. The higher the vibration, the more light we emit. And so we have a real light beacons for our environment, allowing us the lives of others and thus expose spontaneous flexibility to choose to emit light. This is light work. Each experience and situation in our lives as a challenge and a growth opportunity to see for ourselves to re-inner who we really are and how we can use creative power can we live to our greatest expectations and we always raise a bit more vibration so that we can emit light that we really essentially proposes. We are beings of light in a special earth journey.
Everyone is in fact light worker. People grow every day. Each day is more light in our lives. This is also the collective consciousness (the consciousness of people all together) and together with the collective consciousness of this earth.
This whole process can also ascend, "or in the Oriental philosophy: 'Lights'.

But also: light = love. Love is a term by man given to well-known energy, and the highest energy that humanity can feel. The higher the vibration, the more light, but also the more love we can give and receive. Love is the key for humanity to raise vibration and thus more light in your life. Love is also the cord that connects all people to have the collective consciousness of humanity and with that awareness the consciousness of the Earth in vibration increases.

Love and light are irrevocably linked and form an energy throughout the universe is known. Therefore this energy, the earth also 'life', and summarized in the term "Universal Energy" (including Reiki, Prana or Chi mentioned).

Light is required with the word 'good' or 'positive' to be associated, because then we assume that on this' evil 'and' negative 'state. We came to this earth and play a game: a game of the special features is that we live in a matrix of duality that we are able to learn life lessons. Therefore, contrasts such as good and evil, positive and negative, etc. .. because it contrasts allow us to learn lessons, to draw lessons from experiences and insights as to the inner and re-made to keep us closer to our true self can bring.

The world is entirely based on these apparent contradictions. However, these contradictions are only valid in the matrix of our existence. On the other side of the veil, these conflicts not. If we want to broaden awareness and learn to live our true strength than the matrix we should go beyond that change can take place. Love is not positive or negative, it's just our opinion. Love 'is', without more, and asks about increase of duality, so that conditionality can be transformed into unconditional nature. Unconditional love means taking responsibility over your own life and your own choices and life to your true power, because that is the only form of love that gives space to others to do the same. This state can be reached should we decide to let go not only on the choices and behavior of others, but about ourselves.
Light Workers

For light work to do to hold no religion, or to have special gifts. You do not have certain knowledge, or you separate from others. Light Work is no flow and can not be so labeled. Light Work is a comprehensive term for a conscious life from your inner strength, regardless of which religion you adhere, the beliefs you have or what steps in your life takes.
A baker can perfect a light worker when he love and fun every day, bread, and it reveals the lives of its customers. A singer can be perfectly a light worker when his heart and soul and a song interpreted as emotions can move his audience. A Christian is perfectly light worker when he loves his neighbor as himself. A witch can perfect a light worker when she is grateful for the bounty of Mother Earth and that abundance can enjoy. Etc ...

A light worker follows the path of its own truth and has only 1 goal: to have lived a life full of passion and zest for life, because that is the true strength of our human angels, on their way to a home on Earth.
We have come here with a purpose: namely, her inner ourselves who we really are and to our true essence to life, so that the maximum of passion and joy of life can benefit from our lives and grow to a higher collective consciousness so we home to the Earth can get instead of the Earth to leave to be home. This is the true face of life: it is a game. The question is: you play with?

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