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Hello everyone,

I am so glad to have found this forum - joined it in September actually but got busy with other things so this is my first post. Tonight I was just telling a friend on the phone about the concept of the natural person and a bit about where income tax dollars actually go. She was fascinated and it reminded me to get back to this.

Anyway, I have read a bit about this and watched several inspiring speeches on Youtube, but I would be ever so grateful if someone had advice about where to begin. How exactly do I reclaim the right to sovereignty? Specifically I want not to pay income tax because my eyes are opening more every day to the crimes being committed in our name with our money. But the complexity and subtlety of the law can be overwhelming. I am not good with words on the spur of the moment, under pressure, as some people are. Is there an "ABCs of reclaiming your sovereignty" somewhere? Oh, I did return two letters to Revenue Canada asking them to return them to me the human being because I did not recognize the person they were addressed to, and also wrote a nice letter to the minister of finance thanking him for administering my bond all this time and asking for a statement of accounts. I hope that was a good idea, it felt like it at the time, but I am just beginning to get the idea of how this works.

The posts I have read so far are inspirational. You are a bunch of brave men and women!



These two sites will help you on your Journey to self sustainability i hope this helps you out i have a few friends in the process of emancipating themselves from the main societal influence of government really need to educate your self before going this way and understanding the law is the first step from there it is fairly easy...good luck......ricklbert


Natural-Person Home Page



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Thank you very much. I have bookmarked both.

How many people here have actually achieved freeman status? There are many people talking about it as a possibility but only a few I have heard of who have gone the whole way. I heard about someone today who tried not to pay income tax and went to jail... I don't want to have that happen. Would love to chat with someone who has really made this work. Anyone?


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MoonLightLisa, you're asking all the same questions I am thinking.

I have to do some reading on this. I want to be free of this corrupt establishment that assumes authority over me without my permission.


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Hi, Awoke,

Yes, it seems there are still more questions than answers. That would be because this movement is still in its infancy and even the pioneers are still figuring it out. My biggest stumbling block is fear, and I expect that is true for many. Maybe we are living in an illusion but the police and the lawyers and the judges still have the guns, literally or figuratively. Finding the right documents to send in is one thing, but knowing what to do next if TBTB object is another. Maybe start small, something like sending back a remittance to a utility company.

If you go on youtube and look at some videos by druanna, there is one where she offers to send a free package of everything she has found useful to anyone who e-mails her and asks. I got mine and it looks very useful, except she is in the US so some of it won't apply. I have not had a lot of time to work on this recently because I am so busy warning people about the swine flu vaccine. When that is over there will be more time to put into this.

I have also been asking, on a different forum, what you are supposed to do to find the number of your bond if you have one of those birth certificates that doesn't have it printed on the back. No one has been able to tell me. Anyone?


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I wish I knew more about the bond number. Sorry, I'm in teh same boat as you.

Glad to hear that you are warning people about teh swine flu vaccination eugenics campaign. Keep it up!!


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hi moonlight lisa ;
Ive a new comer here and I first discovered Rob Menards security of the person @ nov 09.
since then I have been resarching this and your right I have more questions than answers.
Im attching an atricle of interest regarding this and I think your right better to err on the side of caution .i think the remittance thing is a good way to start .
I have gone more than a few rounds with the gas company here (starts with an A ends with an O )being a former employee i can safely say they are ruthless and greedy as they come (did i mention monopoly )?
I think ill start there see waht happens and il keep you posted .
to me its a learn as you go process I think and in order to affect therse changes you have to become a student of the law for you wil be put in a postion to educate most of these people who are totally ignorant of the laws and who are opposing you.
AS Rob Menard said when asked about the proper legal docs for NOI COR he said "put it in your own words" .if you cant explain it in a court of law it wont fly .
you must be able to understand it first .

FOTL is not for everyone i feel. for instance my mom is in an old folks home shes 83 .
this is not for her period.However ,I really admire waht RM and a few others are doing .
these folks are out in the trenches battling every day learning from thier experince and passing it on .For that i am truly greatful as I believe a police state here is not too far in the distant future here in Canada .you only have to look to the US of Facist America to see
whats coming here next.
Our knowledge of the law and our ability ot implement that knowledge correctly and honorably is the key in this matter.

Louis Riel, March, 1885

During these different phases of strain, the Metis nation has never, for anything in the world, abandoned its leaders, who were no doubt devoted, but were subjected by a treacherous government, to all sorts of humiliation and misery. God will reward it for its loyalty and constancy. In spite of failures, the Metis cause grows incessantly...

weve been here before it seems .

as for the bond question...I would like to know this .
Rob Menard and a few others insist
the number on the back of your birth certificate that is undesignated and separate from the other items of info on the front is in fact a tracking number for a bond the govt created
by your parents registering your birth .
where does this interpretation come from?
We are told it is as a matter of fact but i question this .
How did rob arrive at this conclusion is` what Id like to know ?
He just states it is in his videos and im not saying hes wrong .
It looks like it could be however is there anyone out there who can say for sure.?
I would like to know this .To me its the lynch pin of the whole debate .
vital stats says its not .I have spoken with them.
I think the Uk FMOTL have it right here .
you have to locate your bond where it is being traded on what market
as evidence of ownership
then no one`can dispute it .
One fellow in the movement says he has an agreement
in place with the feduicary that he will leave it in the UK as long as he can acess it.
but doesnt say how he arrived at this point .
this is as far as i have gotten here with the bond issue.
mosly just questions .If anyone can shed light on these questions i have raised
I would be delighted to hear the answers .
thank you
Remittances and "96" - New Light Beings


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Belated welcome to UHF from sorta a newbie to UHF to here. I'm with you and the others whom already responded to this because I'm getting tired all of this.

Heres my intro to here.

Have decided to come back and give UH
another shot. At the same time heres my intro again.

My name is Jessica. Still live with my parents, Metro New York, on the New Jersey Side of it USA. Have an fraternal twin sister as well. I was born with a Neurologically based speech impairment/apraxia-dysarthria. Been suffering from depression/anxiety since 9/2001. Currently, I'm an clerical volunteer and still looking for the permanent part time clerical job.

Has yet to reach this stage, but hopefully I will in the future I will. In the meantime I'm just an student of life as well.

This is both of an question and rant from me.

Know that I'm not the only one whom has experience this before. Mean it can be off/online.

Mean before foundin and/or comin here?

Is it me that we are treated as we are still babies/kids??? Is it me that there are owner/s, admin/s, mod/s whom have no clue on how to run forum???

Its hard even though they all know and we have talked about it. Mostly there are other factors which I can't think of at moment. Somehow I never could avoid this when lookin for new forums for myself. Hope being here is goin to stop this.
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