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“The aid to Egypt must be linked not only to its economic needs and policies. It must truly be linked to whether Morsi does in fact “protect the democratic principles that the Egyptian people fought so hard to secure,” wrote the convicted Zionist Jew, Elliot Abrams, at CFR’s ‘Pressure Point Blog’ on March 4, 2013. Abrams played the part of midwife for the bogus Iran-Contra Scandal.

I doubt very much Abrams will ever agree with his fellow Israel-First author Marianne Williamson, who admitted on Kevin Barrett radio show that Israel was not a democracy either - but US pays 20% of Israel’s annual military budget of $15 billion + one-third for Israel’s medicare and other social services.

The pro-Israel western NGOs are trying their best to keep Egyptian nation in turmoil by pitting pro-Mubarak, secular and non-Muslim groups against Morsi-led government in Cairo. The anti-government bloody riots in various cities plus the Zionist-controlled media portraying Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood backers as being “Jew-haters and antisemites” – is part of Zionist-game to turn Egypt into another Iraq or Syria.

The Israel lobbyists are affraid that a stable pro-Islamist government in Cairo, will eventually support Hamas and distance itself from the Zionist entity and its backer United States. However, some Egyptians like Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Nasr, believe that Morsi’s taking dictation from Washington and refusing to annul Egypt’s peace treaty with the Zionist entity, proves Morsi to be Crypto Zionist.

Nasr is not that far off in his viewss about President Morsi, who has so far followed USrael’s core policies in the region, especially towards Hamas, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. The Rafah border between Egypt-Gaza is still not open for trade; Cairo is still hesitant to re-established diplomatic relations with Tehran due to US-Saudi-Qatar fear. Like in the case of Turkey’s Erdogan, the US is trying to take advantage of a Sunni Islamist president in Egypt as a counterbalance to the rising anti-Israel Shia influnce from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Last week, during his meeting with Morsi, John Kerry emphasized that America’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood is contingent on Morsi not adopting a radical stance against the Zionist entity, and continuing to adhere to Camp David – something the MB fiercely criticized during Mubarak’s reign. Egyptian media reported that Morsi reassured Kerry on that point.

Sam Amer Ph.D, an Egyptian writer in a recent article, entitled, Egypt will succeed at democracy, provides some clues to why Morsi is hated by the pro-Israel mafia.

“In spite of what the neocons and Israel are saying, the indications are that Egypt will succeed at stability, democracy and international independence. At this time, the biggest threat to the stability of the new government in Egypt is the persistence of the inherited burdensome bureaucracy and corruption, especially in the police and security services. Despite the success of Kerry’s visit to Cairo, there is little prospect of the kind of US-Egyptian relationship that existed under Mubarak. Since Mubarak’s overthrow, Egypt has been building new bridges with countries that the US considers foes, like Iran, or rivals, such as China,” says Sam Amer.

“If the United States continues to put Israel’s security before democracy and freedom in Egypt, it will risk its future ability to influence events and will end up with only Israel as its ally in the region. As many have already pointed out, Israel’s future, without resolution of the Palestinian conflict, is very much in doubt. It is only a matter of time before Israel will drown in the Arab democratic sea, with or without US support,” says Amer.

“In modern times, Arabs and Moslems are, in general, clueless when it comes to democracy and human rights. They have been politically suppressed for so long that they don’t actually know what to do. Generally, they are split between two competing camps: those committed to true and pure Islam mainly because of lack of education and international exposure and those trying to amalgamate Islam with modernism including new constitutions, progressive roles for women and respect for human rights and dignity. No matter what, Islam will be part of the equation in the future in the same way Christianity is part of the equation in the West,” adds Amer.

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