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On Wednesday, Syrian Mayadeen TV claimed that Syrian army shot down two of the seven Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which entered Syrian space from the Golan Heights along Syrian-Lebanese border. The drones were shot down over the village of Deir al Ashayer, 15 miles West of Damascus and not far away from the scientific research facility bombed by Israeli jets earlier this month.

According to Lebanese witnesses, surface-to-air missiles fired from Syria hit the invading drones, and their burning wreckage falling from the sky over the Eastern Lebanese village of Yanta.

As expected, no comment on the incident from the Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’ office or from the Jewish army.

As the anti-Assad rebel leaders have shown their willingness to have talks with Assad government in Moscow soon – the Zionist entity is trying desparately to keep the bloodshed going in Syria in order to get US-NATO forces directly involved in the conflict to bring in pro-Israel regime change in Damascus or break-up the country into small Sunni, Kurd, Shia entities.

Last year, Hizballah sent an Iranian made unarmed drone over the Zionist entity which flew-over for three hours and sent back photos of Israeli military bases and other sensitive defense information – before it was shot down by Israeli jets.

Lebanon’s interior minister, retired Maj. Gen. Marwan Charbel in a recent interview with RT has claimed that the Zionist entity is the only country which has benefitted from the so-called “Arab Spring”.

Last week, Gabriel M. Scheinmann, a visiting Fellow at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), admitted that the Zionist entity is in fact the winner of the so-called “Arab Spring”.

“The so-called “Arab Spring” has, paradoxically, made Israel stronger as Israel’s enemies have turned on each other. While Arab capitals burn, Jerusalem has calmly and carefully steeled itself against the possible immediate deleterious effects, building fences along its Egyptian and Jordanian borders and accelerating the deployment of its Iron Dome anti-missile system,” wrote Scheinmann. He then added: “Even as it rightly plans for the changes wrought by the “Arab Spring”, Israel should also recognize that as the Middle East convulses, it is more likely to be left alone. As Alawites battle Arab Sunnis and Kurds in Syria, as Kurds target Turks in Turkey, as the Imazighen fight Arabs in Libya, as the Army contends with Islamists in Egypt, and as Sunnis and Christians confront Shiites in Lebanon, people don’t have the time, energy, or resources to fight the Jews in Israel. The more the region tears itself apart, the more Israel floats to the top, unscathed economically, militarily, or diplomatically. While an Islamist ascent is undesirable, the intervening disorder only makes Israel stronger.“

Syrian shot down two Israeli drones | Rehmat calling