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The NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live (SNL)‘ in its recent skit written by its all Jewish writers team (Chris Kattan, Seth Adam Meyers, Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg, Rachel Dratch, and Rob Schneider), has mocked Jesus (as) again. Watch the video below.

The top management of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is totally controlled by Zionist Jews (Jeff Zucker, Neil Shapiro, Jeff Gaspin, Max Mutchnik, David Kohan and Lloyd Braun).

In a video shot that was aired last month, called “DJesus Uncrossed” – Jesus Christ (played by Christoph Waltz whose ex-wife was Jewish) is portrayed wearing a crown of thorns and a cross strapped to his back. It’s a spoof on Quentin Tarantino’s revenge flick “Django Unchained”.

The skit has angered several Christian and Muslim groups. They have called it blasphemy against Jesus Christ. Muslim advocacy group, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) deplored the violent depiction of Jesus (as) in NBC ‘s SNL skit.

“Such misrepresentation of what Jesus, peace be upon him, stands for is extremely offensive to Muslims and to all those who believe in his message. While we understand the use of shocking imagery and bizarre juxtapositions to provoke a humorous response, we believe such a distasteful portrayal of a religious figure revered by billions of Muslims and Christians worldwide crosses the comedic line,” read CAIR’s statement.

As expected, none of the pro-Israel Islamophobe TV evangelic pastors (John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, etc.) have condemned NBC, which has a notorious record of bashing Christianity and Islam. Some Christians bloggers have raised the question “would SNL ever have the balls to make fun of the new Jewish religion – Holocaust?”

SNL staffers have refused to apology for their latest insult to 1.2 billion Catholics and Christians at large by airing the show over the Lent (fasting) period ahead of the Easter Eve. Seth Adam Meyers, the senior writer at SNL, on the other hand, congratulated the SNL team for ”doing a good job”.

Holy Qur’an commands the Believers to honor all the prophets of Allah who preached His message before the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Holy Qur’an has honored Jesus and his mother Saint Mary by dedicating an entire chapter (Sura Marriam) to them. Prophets Jesus, Moses and Abraham (as) are mentioned by name more often in Holy Qur’an than the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Holy Qur’an confirms the birth, existence and the message of prophet Jesus (as) - but not entirely according to the Christian Bible or Jewish Talmud.

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