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Coast to Coast AM 3/2/2010 Remote Viewing & ESP

Writer and physicist Russell Targ discussed his role in creating the Remote Viewing program at the Stanford Research Institute during the Cold War, as well his work with psychics and ESP research. "ESP is independent of space and time," and it's non-analytical, i.e. people give descriptions of what they see rather than what it means, he explained. Targ developed ESP experiments in which subjects described outdoor places, as opposed to JB Rhine's well-known ESP testing using cards with different symbols. Targ currently offers an iPhone app called ESP Trainer that he said will help people hone their psychic skills. (more info at youtube link)

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Coast to Coast AM 3/1/2010 Forbidden Archaeology & Devolution

Dissident intellectual Michael Cremo discussed his continuing work in forbidden archaeology - artifacts and discoveries that don't fit into the conventional timelines and theories in academic and scientific communities. He also spoke about his theory of 'Human Devolution,' and his study of Vedic scriptures. We are currently in the Vedic cosmological cycle called Kali-yuga, which incorporates both catastrophes, as well as enlightenment, he noted. (more info at youtube link)

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