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Every other day one read in the Zionist-controlled mainstream media about the “terrorists” (singled out by their Muslim faith) being arrested by the security officials – while according to the Justice Department, out of 200,000 federal inmates only 28 are imprisoned on terror-related convictions.

Interestingly, since 9/11 no terrorist attack on the American soil has been reported – though on several occasions, suspected Israelis have been arrested for being involved in terrorism-related activities but most of them have been deported to Israel on flimsy accuses. A survey conducted by World Public Opinion this year indicated that only 3% of Pakistanis believe that Al-Qaeda was behind 9/11 attacks.

“Among the many lies about 911, the most egregious are the ‘official ones’ put forward by the Bush administration and Bush personally. Make no mistake about it: the story of 19 Arabs hijackers coordinated from a cave in Afghanistan by a man who wa most certainly already dead of kidney failure, is the most absurd lie among them. If Bush has taken his ‘case’ to court, a ‘burden of proof’ would have been imposed. It would have been interesting to see the government prosecutors attempt to ‘prove’ a case against a man that that could not have been proven to have been alive let alone co-ordinate multiple hijacking with cell phones from inside a remote cave in Afghanistan……” Dr. David Ray Griffin in Official Lies about 911 Exposed.

Now, Barack Obama has cashed-in Nobel Peace Prize for using the same lies about 9/11 to carry-on his so-called “a just war” – while labeling Hamas, Hizb’Allah and Taliban as terrorist for waging military resistance against the foreign occupiers of their ancestral lands.

In order to give a “civilian justice” brush to old official lies – Barack Obama has announced to drag Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and other codefendants to a federal court next year. He is the latest “mastermind” behind the 9/11 and Obama has already sentenced him to death by telling MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: “I don’t think it would be offensive to all (Repulicans), when he is convicted and when the death penalty is applied to him”.

Kevin Barrett PhD, in this article has debunked all the conspiracy charges against Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. “KSM and other men on trail are scapegoats, like the victims of Stalin’s (a Jew, under whose rule close to 40 million Russian Christians and two million Muslims were killed) show trails and the Inquisition’s witch trails. Apprently, the most important evidence will come from alleged confessions extracted from men tortured and held for years in solitary confinement at the Guantanamo Bay prison.

Interestingly, Osama Bin Laden, who was claimed to be the “mastermind” behind 9/11 after the attack an excuse to invade Afghanistan – did not make to FBI’s Ten Most Wanted poster. On June 5, 2006, when author Ed Haas called FBI office about this – he was informed by Rex Tom, Chief of Investigative Publicity: “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Osama bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11″.

Talking about evidence, below is a video of two Israeli soldiers who admit about their country’s terrorist activities against Palestinians.


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Have you ever took a deeper look into the American news? I remember watching the attack on the towers on television in Europe.

BBC and an American news station was there the same time. BBC was live, the american station two minutes behind.
I had both running on TV. For my opinion many situations were cutted by the American news station.

Or in other words, I saw things on BBC, which were no shown at the American news, while it seemed to be the same cameraman doing the job.

Since that time on I believe the American news is washed out. Not all and not the real facts are shown in the American TV.
May be they select in good faith, but for me it could not be a good thing to keep people out off information.

Even it isn´t a good one, you have to decide yourself if so and nobody has to do it for you.

The official lies about 911 were exposed in Europe long time ago. Nobody here believes in Osama being a mastermind.

People in Europe believe it is the oil, which is all behind this and may be the drugs produced in Afghanistan.


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The invasion of Afghanistan was planned several month before the 9/11 for exploitation of Caspian Sea oil and mass re-cultivation of poppy which was shut-down by Taliban regime. Caspian Sea oil is planned to be processed in Haifa Refinery and one Israeli Tajik billionaire own a large portion of Caspian oil fields.

Heroin industry in the West is controlled by Russian Jewish mafia.


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I agree the administration had this "War on Terror" planned way before the actual attacks happened. I also find it humorous that in a country that is supposed to be among the freest in the world, where when we hear how China censors their news and internet we are offended and outraged, our news is so biased and censored and we don't even realize it. I don't care how open the government says they are, they do not tell the American people everything and they never will.