A face on the moon or the real Man on the MOON?

100th Monkey

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This is a image of the man in the moon, if you look closely you can see him in the middle.

- The first one, I have added a bit of brightness so you can find the face easily.
Face is in the square box that I created.

- The second image is just the natural moon with the box. Can you notice the face?



Truth Vibrations

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I've looked at the moon many times I've never seen that face there, I'm definitely going to have to get my telescope out and look at the moon in more detail. Kinda looks fake to me! But now that I'm aware that there may be a face in that location, every single moon picture and I look at I will be looking for that face from now on.


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Great pictures of the moon. Very detailed. But I can't help but think the face is photoshop'd. I don't have a telescope, so I can't prove it, but if I did, I'd sure as hell tell you if I could see it or not.