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On the weekend, both Israeli prime minister Benj Netanyahu and president Shimon Peres are arriving in Washington to address the annual Israeli Lobby (AIPAC) Policy Conference (March 4-6, 2012). According to Israeli officials and Israel-Firsters in Obama administration, both Jewish warmongers are to urge the 13,000 invited guests to increase their anti-Iran rhetoric.

Barack Obama, who will be one of the keynote speakers, has officially invited Benji to meet him at the White House. According to government sources in Tel Aviv and Washington – Benji is going to push Obama to take a public stand in favor of military strike in the event that “Iran crosses certain red lines (nuclear capability)”. They see a serious lack of trust between Israel and the US with regard to immediate military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities and the ‘disputed’ military installations.

Some of the American leaders who lost their credibility for speaking against AIPAC include Rep. Paul Findley, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Rep. Ron Paul, former US president Jimmy Carter, Sen. Robert Byrd, Dr. Ziad Asali, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Charles Reese and Pat Buchanan. Last month, Cynthia McKinney was interviewed by Gary S. Corseri. In the interview, Cynthia says that 9/11 was an inside job; she was kidnapped by Israeli soldiers in international waters and put in jail without a trail, the attack on Libya was an attack on Africa – and what we have been seeing is the Israelization of US policy.

Carlos Latuff shows how AIPAC is Obama’s strings to attack the Islamic Republic. See the cartoons here and here. To know the history on AIPAC, watch a video below.

While the Zionist-controlled mainstream media is predicting Benji’s success in Obama’s public statement on a united US-Israel military action against the Islamic Republic – US group of 100 organizations, Occupy AIPAC, is appealing American citizen to join them in protests (March 2-6) in Washington DC before and during AIPAC conference to show that Americans refuse to die in the Middle East in Israeli wars.

The Occupy AIPAC is planning a policy summit with panels on “Iran: Road to Diplomacy“, the Arab uprisings, Palestine/Israel and AIPAC, film screenings, mass protests, a teach-in on diplomacy and alternatives to war, creative actions, a cultural night, workshops, and a Capitol Hill policy briefing on the impact of US military aid to Israel on Palestinians.

The speakers and performers at the Occupy AIPAC include Professor Bassam Haddad, Sanam Anderlini, Author & Activist, Jamal Abdi, Analyst & Advocate, Kate Gould, Advocate, Robert Naiman, Analyst & Activist, Roane Carey, Managing Editor of The Nation, Phyllis Bennis, Author & Analyst, Omar Baddar, Advocate, Felicia Eaves, Activist & Advocate, Suad Amiry, Author & Comedian, Chris Hedges, and more.

Medea Benjamin, an American Jewish writer and peace-activist, gives 10 Reasons why AIPAC is so dangerous. Her reasons include, AIPAC blackmails Congress to promote a military confrontation with Iran; it promotes Israeli policies and interests, it demands blind support for the Zionist regime, it undermines Washington’s support for democracy in the Middle East, it makes the US pariah at the UN, etc.

It’s not anti-Semitism to say that AIPAC functions as subsidiary of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mossad and not a Jewish charity.

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