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Last month, Barack Obama received a thunderous applause from Israel-Firsters at Israel Lobby (AIPAC) meeting for repeating the Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) mouthpiece, MEMRI’s fiction, the Wipe Israel off the map hoax. However, he did disappoint his paranoid dual citizens by saying that his administration rather prefer diplomacy in dealing with Iranian leaders. However, Obama did assure them that he will never allow Tehran to achieve a ‘nuclear capability’ (by maintaining Israel’s nuclear supramacy in the region).

“Let’s begin with a basic truth that you all understand: no Israeli government can tolerate a nuclear weapon in the hands of a regime that threatens to “wipe Israel off the map“,”said Obama in his speech.

Obama’s repeated provocative and propagandistic lies about the Islamic Republic confirm that the man is not sincere in the success of diplomatic engagement with Iran especially when Iran is holding open dialogue with P5+1 in Istanbul and Baghdad.

US Colonel (Rt.) Douglas McGregor PhD, says that Barack Obama’s anti-Iran rhetoric are to maintain Jewish support for his re-election. Personally, Obama is least interested in starting a war with Iran on behalf of Israel.

In a recent interview with Russian Television (RT), Col. Douglas MacGregor said:”President Obama is not remotely interested in waging war against Iran, so let’s be clear about that. No one at the top of the United States military establishment is interested in waging war against Iran, and the intelligence community has made it abundantly clear that Iran is nowhere near the development of a nuclear warhead or the capacity to deliver one. President Obama’s preeminent concern is to get reelected. And that’s a very dangerous proposition right now for him, depending upon what the Israelis do”.

MacGregor added: “We talk about what they will do if they are attacked, but look at the rest of the world. What will the rest of the world do if Israel attacks Iran? Remember, this is an unprovoked assault. The Israelis can claim otherwise, and insist otherwise, and paint this picture of enormous danger represented to Israel, but the truth is, no one buys that. My view has always been that if you do this, if Israel does this, then Iran will definitely have nuclear weapons. They won’t have to build them, they’ll get them. People will provide them. They will have more help than they know what to do with. And Iran will grow more hostile, and more bitter, and more angry and more dangerous than it has ever been”.

Last month, Gen. Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, all said that they have no proof that Tehran is pursuing a nuclear bomb. Gen. Dempsey even called the Iranian leaders “rational people”.

Last week, another anti-Semite reared his head. Gen. Benny Grantz, chief of the Israel Occupation Force (IOF), who told Israeli daily Ha’aretz that he believes Iran is a “rational actor” and will not choose to develop nuclear weapons.

“Once again, we see that the capital of neoconservative hawkishness is not Jerusalem or Tel Aviv but Washington and New York. AIPAC, Commentary, the American Jewish Committee, Newt Gingrich, and the AIPAC-rented Members of Congress all want war with Iran. But none of them will have to fight it (they will, however, enjoy watching it on CNN or Fox News). But Israelis who themselves must fight, or, if not them, their kids, are not so gung-ho. Hey, maybe General Grantz, needs lessons in toughness from Jeff Goldberg or Jennifer Rubin. The real question is: can the lobby get Grantz fired? I mean, can he really say things like this and get away with it?,” posted MJ Rosenberg on April 25, 2012.