Are the titles of new cinema in coming months prophetic?
Monday, March 9, 2009

If you look at the titles (and content) of a number of new cinema in the coming months are given, there seems to be in the light of a number of topics on this site regularly discussed end, 2012, recording, Antichrist, coming of cases of satan- something strange in the hand. It may sound far-fetched, but would the (title of) the films might be a prophetic connotation may have?

Take the March 6, during the Jewish Purim released (supernatural) superhero movie "Watchmen." Translated the name of this movie 'Guardians'. In Biblical terms the "guards" also known as the fallen angels, who in the days of Noah came to Earth and mixed with humanity. On September 26th I placed the article "Book of Enoch predicts Nephilim return in 2008-2009, the bestseller" Nephilim Star Gates - The year 2012 and the return of the Watchers "(from Thomas Horn) discussed (and also in'' GM may bring back Biblical giants, September 20, 2008).

Horn believes that the Earth is on the brink of an incredibly shocking event, particularly to the forthcoming return of the 'fallen angels', the' Guardians', as in the days of Noah. This would exactly agree with what others said about Jesus in the verses immediately prior to his return were: 'It will be the same as in the days of Noah. " What is so special about these days was not the fact that people are "married and gave in marriage, but that the fallen angels were on Earth.
In this context, the new film 'Transformers 2' is quite remarkable (see the YouTube trailer). This film, which on June 26 suits, has subtitled "Revenge of the Fallen '- Revenge of the Gevallenen. If you look to the trailer, then it is not difficult to 'Transformers' to as fallen angels, rather demons. The content of the film looks suspiciously similar to the "overwhelming surprise" that Thomas Horn Earth the prospect.
On March 20, the sf-thriller "Knowing" in the bios. The story:
A teacher, Ted Myles (Nicolas Cage) opens a time capsule at the elementary school where his son Caleb are lessons follows. Fifty years earlier, the capsule filled by students during an inaugural ceremony of the school. In examining the cryptic messages in the capsule is he an amazing discovery: the messages predict with great precision the dates, number of victims and geographical coordinates of every major disaster of the past 50 years. Other predictions in the documents must still take place. One of them predicts an overall destruction of the earth in a very short term. (definition Movie Meter)

The film "2012" on July 10 suits (see this article on January 15: "Feature film about the end of the world'2012 'this summer in the theater) is this' total destruction of the Earth "no longer occur. The coincidence (?) Wants the day on which this film out, July 10, exactly 1,260 days (the Bible predicted number of days in the 1st half of the Grand oppression ', the last 7 years of the Earth before the return of Jesus Christ) for December 21, 2012, according to the material on this site recently reviewed scenarios of author David Flynn. Flynn expects the Antichrist is between 4 and 11 July, 2009 will reveal, and then it 'Great oppression' will begin (see "Illuminati prepare for centuries arrival of Lucifer in 2012, 26-02, and 'God's prophetic blueprint for near future unveiled, "06-09-08).

The movie "America Betrayed" will be from April 3 in the cinema to enjoy. "America Betrayed" (out) is the story of waste, fraud and abuse in the highest circles of our federal government. " This highly critical film about the governments in Washington comes from the G20 summit on the global economic crisis will be held in London. Betray America - what will be decided at this conference?

The following films have only one 'interesting' title - the content has nothing to do these subjects:
"The Sky Turns" (The Sky Changes') - 10 April (Passover)
"Is there anybody there?" (Is there anyone?) - April 17

'Up' (Up) - May 29 (Jewish festival "Shavuot", 2 days before Pentecost). There are quite a few evangelical Christians who for some months to write that "In particular the town 'may take place around Pentecost. Frapant in this respect is that the Web Bot project Sudden massive disappearances in early 2009 'has predicted (article 28 October, 2008).

And we have not even talked about 'The Obama Deception "(" The Obama Deception', March 15), which Alex Jones claims that Barack Obama half Adolf Hitler will be.

The coming months will tell whether these cases are based on pure chance, or that there may be still more going on.

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