Astronaut Apollo 14: "Government keeps secret extraterrestrial life"
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For the American astronaut Edgar Mitchell with an Apollo capsule to the moon is flown, there is no doubt: there is extraterrestrial life. He is also firmly convinced that the U.S. government know of their existence and for the people keep secret.

"We are not alone," said Mitchell, according to CNN. The man, who in 1971 flew to the moon, called on the government of President Barack Obama on its knowledge of ET's and UFO's in the public market. Mitchell grew up in Roswell in New Mexico. This is the place where UFO-adepts in 1947 an unidentified flying object with an alien crashed, when the U.S. military has done everything for the case to close.

Obama and ET'S
Former astronaut says that in his long quest for the truth of the Pentagon 'Roswell' to find out an admiral finally UFO theory is confirmed and has tried to obtain further details and then from other angles to be brought to a halt. Now the military denies everything, says Mitchell. On the question of extraterrestrial life, Obama has so far held on the plain. During the election campaign, he has a gepolst times and his answer was that it arrives on ET or a Democrat or a Republican would be. (dpa / gb)

Source: hln.be

Translated version of http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/961/Wetenschap/article/detail/827059/2009/04/21/Astronaut-Apollo-14-Regering-houdt-buitenaards-leven-geheim.dhtml