Attributes of the Soul Level of Consciousness


Truth feeder
This came to me recently when I was in America. I did not get the opportunity to share it then so I have created a thread to share it now.

Attributes of the Soul Level of Consciousness or, in other words -- How too recognize when one is in the fourth level state of consciousness.

1) An expansion of consciousness; a feeling of Great Love which includes all people, animals, nature.

2) No fear; fear has no part in this level - no fear of death, which is the bottom line of all fear. This does not mean a 'don't care' attitude toward death or suicidal tendencies!

3) No critizism of others at all. No projection of negative attitudes on to people and circumstances surrounding us

4) A joy, a bubbling joy that forms the basis of soul level, or fourth level consciousness. Gone are the ups and downs, the highs and lows of the lower three levels of human consciousness. The fourth level is the beginning of God-consciousness. This level is strong and constant.

5) The level (4th), is where the 'Inner Journey' truly begins; of 'going no more out'. An inner Referral answers all of our questions - from the big important ones to the most trivial!

6) We, at long last, 'hear' the 'voice within'; the prompting of our True Self - our Inner Master.

7) There is a beginning or a constant strengthening of Trust in Life, in Life's direction. We cannot know all the reasons 'why' things happen the way they do, but we trust the process, the journey.

8) We see the 'good' in all people (even those most difficult in our lives) and with that 'seeing' we bring forth that 'good' in people.

9) We 'let go' of our personalities with its various attitudes, beliefs and prejudices. Our personalities are brought to 'order' under the guidance of our spirit. Our personalities are compelled to 'Be Still - And Know I Am'

10) We know at the fourth level that we are back on track, on the evolutionary journey. We are fast tracking the 'rut' of the personality with its endless reincarnations and slow evolving. We are 'Now' Awake, Alive and Aware of the Spiritual Presence inside of us thats guides us All - Ways