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In an interview with the Austrian daily Die Presse on Saturday – Austrian defense minister Norbrt Darabos claimed that the Zionist regime is running its vicious anti-Iran campaign to divert public attention from country’s social problems. He also described Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman as “unbearable.”

Not only Israel’s one-third child population is living below poverty line – Israel has one of world’s highest rape crime. According to NationMaster report, Israel is eighth in the world in the numbers of reported rape cases, with a rate of 17.6 rapes to 100,000 residents. Lesotho topped the list with a rate of 91.6 rapes to 100,000 – while Egypt is 55th, with a rate of 0.1 rapes to 100,000 residents.

Darabos also called Israel’s military threat to Iran as foolish while claiming that there was not proof that Tehran is in the process of making a nuclear bomb.

Darabos warned the Zionist regime that an Israeli attack on Iran “would spark an uncontrollable fire in the region and will create solidarity and empathy for Iran in the Arab world and the world at large.”

On Friday, Austrian finance minister Maria Fekter was slammed by Jewish groups for her comparing the current vilification of bankers with Nazis’ treatment of Jewish communities during the 1940s. Even Defence Minister Norbert Darabos said he had not expected words like this to come from a high-ranking representative of a Christian-Social party and government member.

Austrian Defense Minister slams Israel over Iran | Rehmat calling