Biden tells Obama that 40 million U.S. homes will have smart meters by 2015


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USA Today
Thursday, Dec 17th, 2009

A new report by Vice President Biden, which President Obama mentioned*briefly*in an appearance*Tuesday,*projects that the number of U.S. homes with smart meters will jump from about 8 million now to 40 million*by 2015.

In a memo to Obama, entitled “Progress Report: The Transformation to a Clean Energy Economy,” Biden says*the Recovery Act will help fund the installation of smart meters in 18 million homes. As of January, he says 8 million homes had such meters, which track energy usage by month, week and even hour.

Biden projects that, through*a mix of public and private investment, the number of homes with smart meters could skyrocket to*40 million within six years.

These meters, as noted in an earlier Green House post,*have sparked criticism in California, where some users say they do not accurately measure power usage and their installation costs have*increased utility bills.

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