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Israeli lobby groups and lawmakers in the United States are affraid that Barack Obama in his second term may decide to hold direct talk with Iranian leaders to end country’s 34-year-old confrontation with the Islamic Republic. Obama has been advised by some of his top military generals, security and economic advisers that Israel has become a “liability” for American interests in the Middle East and South America. These individuals include former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Gen. Martin E. Dempsey and US-NATO commander in Afghanistan Gen. John R. Allen. In early October 2012, even the Israel-Firster Vice-president Joe Biden had irked Netanyahu by saying in public that both American and Israeli intelligence agencies agree that Iran is far removed from being able to produce nuclear weapons.

It seems recognizing the truth behind the Zionist warmongering rhetoric – Obama has started backpedaling recently by admitting that Tehran is pursuing uranium enrichment for civilian purpose only.

This change of heart on part of Obama triggered Israeli sabotage of any possible effort by Obama administration to have a direct dialogue with Iranian leaders. The first casualty of Israeli sabotage was Gen. Dempsey who told Netanyahu in August 2012 that Israeli army cannot defeat Iran without the active US military support which was not going to happen in the near future. “I would not like to be made guilty of participating in an Israeli military strike against Iran,” he said. As a result, Israeli Mossad with the help of Indian RAW carried a failed assassination attempt on Dempsey’s life in Afghanistan in late August 2012.

The second casualty was US ambassador in Libya Christopher Stevens, who was trapped in CIA compound in Benghazi and murdered by Israeli agents. The Jewish lobby groups blamed Libyan Muslims protesting against the anti-Islam movie ‘Muslim Innocence’ which was produced by an Israeli Jew living in America.

The third casualty of Israeli plot was CIA director David Petraus who was forced to resign for having a mistress Paula Broadwell (née Kranz). Was it coincidence that Paula happened to be a deputy director at the Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies at Tufts University’s Fletcher School, which was set up by Norwegian billionaire Jan Henrik Jebsen in 2005. Jabsen is on the Board of Directors at the Israeli advocacy group Hudson Institute along with such Jewish hawks like Scooter Libby, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen , etc. She also lived in a Jewish Kibbutz built on land stolen from native Palestinians.

Then came the 8-day Israeli airstrikes over Gaza, code name ‘Operation Pillar of Defence (against Palestinian stone-throwers), which Britain’s Chief Rabbi Lord Sack claimed on BBC, was meant to drag Iran into war so that Jewish lobby groups could force Obama to jump into the war on Israeli side. Israeli ambassador in Washington Michael Oren compared it with the Cuban missile crisis (Hamas=Cuba & Iran=USSR).

On November 25, Jerusalem-based American journalist and author, Patrick Cockburn, wrote in London daily The Independent that the Zionist regime must face the reality that “despite the sabre-rattling,” an attack on Iran is now unlikely”. He said that Israel lacks military capability to defeat Iran without the active participation of US airforce. “But this is unlikely to happen because the one thing American voters do not want is another war in the Middle East“.

Let us keep our fingers crossed for Dr. Franklin Lamb’s August 2012 article at Al-Manar TV website, entitled ‘ America planning for a post-Israel Middle East?‘.

Professor James Petras who exposed Israeli hands behind the notorious anti-Islam Danish Cartoons, posted an excellent article on November 21 on Jewish lobby’s smearing campaign against Gen. Petraeus and Gen. Allen. Read the article, here.

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