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Last week, a frustrated Obama administration announced that it’s ready to have direct talks with Iranian leaders – only if they’re sincere to reciprocate. In other words, Israel-Firster Joe Biden, US vice-president in his self-denial believes that like Washington, Tehran is also affraid to resolve mutual issue due to fear of some powerful foreign lobby (AIPAC).

In response to Joe Biden’s “conditional offer”, Iran’s foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi commented that “negotiations are not a forbidden zone” – citing negotiations two states have already held on Iraq and Afghanistan.

The lobby-insider newspaper, The Economist, exposed Washington’s overture on February 2, 2013, by saying: “Even if Chuck Hagel is confirmed as secretary of defence in face of fierce opposition from the pro-Israel lobby, alongside John Kerry at the State Department, the administration will probably persist with its hard line, if only because that may be the best way of ensuring that the Israelis do not take matter into their own hands by attacking Iran“.

Most people have started taking “Israeli attack on Iran”, as sort of Zionist propaganda joke. Several top ex-Israeli and American Generals are on record of saying that the Jewish army cannot defeat Iran without the active participation of US Forces.

However, pro-Israel lobby grip over America has never been a secret, though, US lawmakers are affraid to admit that in public. The 8-hour confirmation hearing of Chuck Hagel last thursday, is a living proof that US administration is selected to serve Israel and not the United States. During the said hearing; Israel was mentioned 178 times, Iran 171 times, China 5 times, South Korea 1 times – and Pakistan-Afganistan was not mentioned even once!

Iranian foreign minister said Tehran welcomes the recent proposals by US vice-president Joe Biden and secretary of state John Kerry for direct Tehran-Washington talks. However, he emphasized that Washington should stop sending “contrdictory signals” to Islamic Republic like its incessant rhetoric of “keeping all options on the table”.

“You cannot use a threatening tone and say all options are on the table, on the one hand, while talking about negotiations, on the other hand, because this is an apparent contradiction. Exerting pressure and invitation to talk are not compatible. If you have honest intentions, we can place serious negotiations on the agenda,” said Iranian foreign minister, who is being tipped-off as country’s next President.

Majlis Speaker, Ali Larijani, speaking to Al Alam News Network, said that holding talks with United States is not Islamic Republic’s “redline”, stressing that the US should help the negotiations to progress instead of taking a destructive position.

Commenting of Larijani’s statement, Esmail Kowsari, member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said Tehran is ready to talk to all countries regarding mutual interests – but will never negotiate with, nor even consider such possibility, with the Zionist entity.

Iran’s Spiritual Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenie has said in a speech in Mashhad a few years ago: “We monitor the Americans’ actions” – and I’m sure he will give green-light to Ahmadinejad to have direct talk with Obama only when he feels that Obama has the necessary gutts to stand upto pro-Israel lobby.

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