Big Brother scenario has become a reality Friday, March 6, 2009


Big Brother scenario has become a reality
Friday, March 6, 2009

If you are a hermit living in the Netherlands - so almost anywhere you use it as much as possible and avoids the social systems, too - show your personal nevertheless in less than 250 files to be.

As you socially active, you can reach thousands of files. Does the Data Protection Authority, which research has done.

It is now a cold trick files to link - it is done very much. The privacy of the citizen is not or hardly looked. Citizens in that area is completely outlawed. 'Big brother is watching you is' has become a reality.

The latest development is that in the Netherlands is working on a Network of Smart Energy Meters. The meters record quarter based on how much electricity, and on an hourly basis how much gas there behind the front door is used. The network is obliged to give effect to the energy company which is at a distance so minute or people can follow at home, how many people are in house, what time the customer goes to sleep, how warm it is distilled, when on holiday is, etc.

Under the Act recovered data could indirectly the government on all these data. There are currently bills in the pipeline (31320 and 31374) which include the introduction of a mandatory smart meters for gas and electricity to all low-energy. Many families have smart meters now.

From society's resistance to this process. For example, the website petitie slim meten is slinks weten active, where people can sign a petition under the slogan 'Slim measure underhanded know.

"Even Christians, including the undersigned, share the concerns," writes journalist Jaap Spanish Hoogeveen in a ring-mail, which he regularly developments (breach of) privacy Signals. He notes in that e-mail to the website, where more information on the 'smart meters' to be found.

"Practically, it is all do to defend," says Spanish, "but there is insufficient attention to the ethical / philosophical aspects of this new development. The University of Tilburg, when considering the bill smart meters in October 2008 a privacy test. It is shown that not all privacy conditions are met. "

The Examination Considerati, that the Data Protection Authority has carried out any investigation, has made an informed estimate by a "quick scan" to make data in the public and private sector such as social security, health care, financial services, transport and the Internet. Citizens have the right to protection of personal data such as the right to inspect and correct. For these rights in practice to exercise should be more clarity on processing of personal data and purpose of public and private institutions do. But practice shows that few people use the access and correction rights.

Source: manna-today


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