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British Liberal Democratic MP David Ward is no Pope Benedict XVI, but he know how to follow his Christian conscience. Ward, against all pressure from British Jewish lobby and his peers – has refused to apology for his earlier statement in which he said that it’s “important to ask” whether Israel’s behaviour toward Palestinians is “because of the Holocaust”. The Zionist-controlled mainstream media have called David Ward an “antisemite” for his criticism of Israel and a “holocaust denier” for his Holocaust analogy.

As a surprising twist to the on-going media tug-of-war, world’s renowned American Jewish scholar, professor Noam Chomsky, a friend of Israel, has come out in support of David Ward. On his personal website, Chomsky wrote: “I agree there’s nothing remotely antisemitic in his remarks, which are in fact familiar in Israeli discussions“.

David Ward claims that he had visited Auschwitz Museum (Poland) twice. In his Holocaust analogy, he did not question the Zionist narrative of the Holocaust (6 million Jews killed by Nazis), but wondered how the victims of Holocaust became oppressors in Palestine.

As part of war hysteria against Iran – the Holocaust is, once again, being used as a fearmongering whip by Israeli leaders and their poodles in the US, Canada and EU.

In November 2012, a Budapest (Hungary) court of appeal rejected an appeal by Miklos Grüner, a former inmate at Auschwitz, who had claimed in the past that Elie Wiesel, father of the Holocaust cult, is an imposter who stole the identy of another inmate, Lazar Wiesel (ID A-7713). He had sued Rabbi Shlomo Köves for slandering him for being a Holocaust denier.

Israeli philosopher professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz had called Holocaust the “new Jewish religion” – which was used for the creation of the Zionist entity in British colony of Palestine in 1948. This fact was admitted by US president Barack Obama during his so-called “historic speech” in Cairo.

“America’s strong bonds with Israel are well known. This bond is unbreakable. It is based upon cultural and historical ties, and the recognition that the aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied,” said Obama.

Elliott Abrams, the convicted leader of Jewish lobby, quoted president Ronald Reagan, saying: “Islam has a Prophet, Christianity has a Saviour and Judaism has the Holocaust“. (CFR magazine, September 25, 2012).

The Israel Lobby awards ”Holocaust denier” title to people, who never deny the long Jewish sufferings as result of the Church and Nazis – but because they deny the Zionist myth of “Six Million Died” or criticize the state of Israel.

Jan Bernhoff, a Swedish academic, who addressed the two-day Holocaust Conference in Tehran on December 11, 2006 – said that 300,000 Jews were killed as result of the Holocaust during the World War II as opposed to the number of the six million claimed by the Zionist propagandists.

Rabbis Aharon Cohen (UK), Moishe Ayre Friedman (Austria), David Weiss (US) and several other Jewish scholars who attended the Holocaust conference, agreed that Holocaust is being used by Israelis as “tool of commercial, military and media power“, as reported by BBC, December 13, 2006. The rabbis also agreed that Nazis could no have killed more than one million Jews during the Holocaust.

Belgium-based Rabbi Shmiel Mordche Borreman in a recent interview has rejected the existence of state of Israel and called Zionism, a curse upon Judaism. “It’s an attack against our Jewish identity, this satanic ideology which has lost many souls Jewish in their by denying the Jewish faith for a nationalist policy. Zionism is also a Nakba for the Palestinian people who suffered and is still suffering today the barbarism of expansionist Zionist regime and its criminal army. The existence of the Zionist entity in Palestine is blasphemy. It is the source of conflict in Palestine and in the world” said she.

Eric Hunt penned an investigative article on September 3, 2011, titled ‘Spielberg’s Cabal Banned Me from Stanford Libraries’. In the article, Hunt exposes the Holocaust-related lies propagated by Hollywood multi-billionaire Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation. He debunks the testimonies of such Jewish witnesses like author Irene Zisblatt and Paul Parks. Eric Hunt has produced a documentary, ‘The Last Days of The Big Lie’.

So, why it’s important for the Zionist entity to keep Holocaust hoax alive? The answer comes from British Jewish author and blogger, Paul Eisen.

“The ninety billion deutschmarks paid in reparations by the Federal Republic of Germany to the infant state of Israel, the billions of dollars paid by successive US governments to maintain that state, and the free pass given to Israel by just about everyone to do pretty much what it likes to the Palestinians. The power of the Holocaust is not the power to arouse pity and compassion in the rest of the world. Anyone can see that Israel has no need of our pity or compassion and neither have Jews. Israel is not weak and Israel is not innocent and neither are Jews. What is harder to see is how anyone could ever have thought otherwise. Could it even be the same with the Holocaust? Is it not by now plain that there is very little evidence to support the Holocaust narrative, that the extermination narrative just doesn’t add up, and that the issue of the gas-chambers could, as Ingrid Rimland reminded us, be settled easily by forensic investigation,” wrote Eisen on February 10, 2013.

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