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Last month, Professor Dr. Michael Keefer (University of Guelph), writer and author of book, entitled, ‘Anti-Semitism: Real and Imagined’ gave a speech at the Bloor Street United Church in Toronto. The topic of his speech was ‘From Media Lies to Hot Wars’. Watch the speech video below.

Michael Keefer is a welknown activist against anti-Semitism, however, he believes that hate propaganda against Islam and Muslim is also anti-Semitism (there are far more semite Muslims than Jews). His brilliant article on ‘Anti-Semitism in Canada’, in which he reminds Canadian how the Mackenzie King government rejected Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany during the 1930s, destruction of a Montréal-area synagogue during Sabbath service and signs posted in front of many stores and restaurants reading “No Jews or Dogs Allowed” in Montral, Toronto and Calgary.

Dr. Michael Keefer refuted the usual USraeli claim that Iranian President called for the disappearance of Israel from map – even though Benji Netanyahu threatened for the wipe off Lebanon from map only last month. Keefer claimed that Israel and its proxies in the US are edging the US toward a war of aggression against Islamic Republic that would openly be genocidal. He claimed that the mainstream media and western and Israeli government officials have been using deception to stir-up war fever. He also claimed that economic and political instabilities make new wars in the Middle East very attempting for both US and Israeli elites.

The Zionist-controlled mainstream media is recycling some of the lies it propagated in 2002-03 to whip-up support for US attack on Iraq which did not pose a threat to the US, but Israel declared it as “existential threat”. Why? Because Saddam Hussein had non-existent nuclear bombs and was bent on bringing a new Jewish holocaust. Now, the media and Israeli leaders have change “Q” in Iraq to “N” – despite the fact that US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta and Israeli intelligence officials have said, as recently as January 2012, that Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons.

“Leon Panetta said: ‘Are they trying to develop nuclear weapons? No, but we know they’re trying to develop a nuclear capability and that’s what concerns us.’ PBS News correspondent Margaret Warner edited her statement leaving out the first part of his statement (where he said they weren’t trying to develop nuclear weapons),” said Keefer.

“In Canada, Foreign Minister John Baird constantly repeating the soundbite “Iran is the greatest threat to peace and security in the world,” buttressed by Prime Minister Harper making similar comments, helps instill the message that war with Iran is necessary for our very survival,” wrote Scott Stockdale in the Canadian Charger.

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