Cavuto And His Conspiracy-Theorist Roundtable Discuss Obama's Secret Plan To Tax The


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Cavuto And His Conspiracy-Theorist Roundtable Discuss Obama's Secret Plan To Tax The Rich
Reported by Ellen - March 23, 2009

On Saturday's (3/21/09) Forbes on FOX,
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President Barack Obama was likened to the East German secret police. On the same day's Cavuto on Business, they compared him to the Soviets. Obama's plan to raise taxes on the top wage earners plus the Congressional bill to tax the AIG bonuses were all part of a grand plan, many on the Cavuto panel hypothesized, to attack the rich, soak them for everything they've got, perhaps as part of some political-revenge scheme. With video.

Host Neil Cavuto started by saying, “Do not assume (AIG) will be the only focus of this (populist) rage, not by a long shot. Are any of us safe? ...I think it's just the opening salvo."

Gary Kaltbaum of said. "We're now hearing about taxing health care benefits....we heard about taxing stock trades...we're hearing about taxes on mileage, and just remember this is a government that spent the money is coming in a big way."

Cavuto pressed on with a gratuitous slap at Congress. "You know what's amazing to me, Charles (Payne), how quickly they moved on raising taxes. If they could move just as quickly on doing something substantive." Comment: They passed a big stimulus in February to help the economy.

Payne not only agreed, he added his own, completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. "I'm really worried about this, Neil... The centerpiece of the President's agenda is the redistribution of money but it's retribution, really, that they're looking for. In other words, America has done so many things wrong to its impoverished people, it's done so many things wrong to its foreigners, to the foreign friends or foes, whatever... I think ultimately we're going to see some sort of effort to instill salary caps across the board no matter what industry in good times and in bad times." Comment: No one's proposing such a thing. Yet Cavuto made no note of that, nor did he question Payne's questionable assumption.

Dagen MacDowell, used a fake Russian accent as she said, "It sounds like Russia. It's like you make too much money, we come, we take money back."

Adam Lashinsky pointed out that nobody “at a responsible level” is talking about trying to use the AIG bonus tax rates on others.

No, because it's a stealth agenda, according to Cavuto. “You don't state it up front,” he said. Then he went on to praise Obama for being “an adult” about the AIG bonuses. But having said that, Cavuto thought he was not being paranoid to say “This is a potential opening salvo to vilify the rich, equate all of them with greedy AIG swines, and then say 'well, you know, they should pay more because they're intrinsically evil.'"

Comment: I wish I had crying towels for all of these people. No one is proposing yet what the panel is crying about. Relax,people! If it comes up in Congress, then we'll talk. In the meantime, stop defending the super rich and corporations all the time. Your crying makes me want to cry in disgust.