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“When a Muslim sees an act of oppression, and he does nothing to help the oppressed – he is not a Believer,” said the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Major Christian denomination Church Authorities, Cathoilic, Anglican, Evangelic, Marmon, etc. are all controlled by pro-Israel officials and Jewish lobby groups. This subservience to state of Israel rather than their Lord Christ has never bothered the top church officials.

The Catholic Pope, Benedict XVI. is a known Zionism’s double agent and, thus, Islamophobe. Rowan Williams, the retiring Archbishop of Canterbury, though, had spoken about some virtues in Islamic Shari’ah, never showed his concern in public for the Christian communities being destroyed by the successive Zionist regimes in occupied Palestine. The founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, was a Christian Zionist, who declared himself to be the “King of Jews”. Like Evangelists, Mormons too believe that the Jewish return to the Holy Land is a precursor to the second-coming of their Lord Christ.

The leaders of these Christian denomination have made aliya to Israel and the so-called “Holocaust Camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau” in Poland. However, none of them ever dared to visit the Biblical prophet and Saint Mary’s cousin, John the Baptist’s (Yahya in Islam and Yochanan in Hebrew), tomb in Damascus.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop Justin Welby 56, was fathered by Gavin Bernard Welby (died 1977) whose Jewish family had immigrated from Germany. Last year, Welby arranged a Holocaust Memorial Day exhibition in Liverpool Cathedral.

Last year, Pope Benedict XVI, appointed David Maria Jaeger, an Israeli Zionist Jew converted to Catholism, as head of Papal Court at the Vatican. In an interview, Jaeger said that as an Israeli citizen, he would always look after the interests of his country. I would not be surprised if Jaeger becomes the next Pope – after all the mother of Pope John Paul II was a Polish Jew.

In October 2012, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, an umbrella body of pro-Israel Jewish organizations ran a smear campaign against Bishop Stephen Sizer of the Anglican Christ Church in Virginia Water, Surrey. The Jewish groups charged Sizer for propagating hatred against state of Israel, Zionism and Jews.

Last year, Bishop Martin Wharton of Newcastle, refused to address a conference on Holy Land, as result of strong objection from the local Jewish leaders.

In May 2010, Littlewood, a British businessman-turn writer and author, wrote in Egyptian Al-Ahram weekly: “This Christian Top Cat visited Gaza in February – a year late, let it be said – but afterward made no public statement about the wretched human conditions still prevailing there. He did not even reveal his finding to the House of Lord where he has the support of a large gaggle of bishops. This despite his calim to be in unique position to bring the needs and vioces of those fighting poverty, disease and the effects of conflict to the attention of national and international policymakers“.

According to Littlewood, the Zionist regime had refused to allow the Archbishop to enter Gaza but eventually he was permitted to spend 90 minutes in Gaza, just to visit a hospital. During his visit to the Holy Land, Archbishop met the Chief Rabbi of Israel and Israeli president Shimon Peres – and visited Yad Vashem and Holocaust Museum built on top of Muslim graveyard. However, in Gaza, Rowan Williams did not dare to meet a single mullah or PA elected prime minister Ismail Haniyeh, who also leads friday prayers.

“You don’t turn the other cheek to bullies like the Israelis. If you do they’ll slap it again and again, just as they’ve been doing for 62 years. They walk all over fawning sycophants masquerading as Western political leaders. Our spiritual leaders, however, are supposed to be made of sterner stuff and expected to perform to a higher standard, show moral backbone and face down evil. The Pope too chickened out over Gaza. Who’s next?,” wrote Littlewood.

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