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The former “Iraq for Sale” under US occupation since Jewish Purim 2003 celebration, has started worrying Israel lobby groups since US occupation forces withdrew on December 31, 2011. Watch a video of movie “Iraq for Sale” below to learn why Americans killed one million Iraqis and destroyed a proud Arab nation.

On March 8, 2012 – Washington-based Zioncon think tank, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), issued its latest report on Iran’s rising influence in Iraq. In 1990s, Gen. Ehud Barak, the current Israeli defense minister acted as an adviser to CSIS. The report is authored by Dr. Anthony H. Cordesman, whom his famous fellow Jewish professor Norman Finkelstein had called a ‘War Whore‘. The reoprt is entitled ‘The real Outcome of the Iraq War: US and Iranian strategic Competition in Iraq’.

The report admits that the US celebrated end of its eight year occupation without achieving its goals (totally draining country’s oil reserves and weakening it as a possible future threat to Israel) fully.

“Iraq remains a violent and unstable place, with Iranian influence on the rise,” Cordesman begins the report.

Then Codesman began his Zionist propaganda lies. He says that the US was the “Iraq’s main source of aid”! What aid, one may ask? Looting Iraq’s oil income through hundreds of the so-called “Iraq’s reconstruction” contracts awarded to the US and British firms? Maybe he is talking about $18 billion from Iraq’s frozen assests in the US or $12 billion gone missing from the Federal Reserve shipped to Iraq in 2003 to maintain US occupation.

Cordesman claims that “containing Iran’s influence though important, is not America’s goal in Iraq. It’s rather to stable democratic Iraq that can defeat the remaining extremists and insurgent elements, defend against foreign threats, sustain an able civil society , and emerge as a stable power friendly to the US and its Gulf allies“.

Cordesman, provided a partial answer himself to his above statement when he said: “The US went to war for the wrong reasons – focusing on threats from weapons of mass destruction and Iraqi-government sponsored terrorism that did not exist“. That’s true. It’s also true that George Bush admitted in 2004 that invasion of Iraq was good for Israel. Last year, Iraqis did have ‘democratic elections’, but when Al-Maliki decided to have a coalition government with the two Islamist parties with 42 MPs – Washington had threatened not to recognize the government. Iraqi government do maintain friendly relations with all US allies in the Gulf with the exception of the Zionist entity.

“Iran has very different goals from the US. It seeks to ensure that Iraq does not serve as a base for the US, serve US interests, or reemerge as a threat to Iran. Iran shares a long and porous border with Iraq, and seeks to create a stable and malleable ally, not a peer competitor. It seeks to rid the country of American influence – particularly of American military personnel – to the greatest extent possible,” wrote Cordesman.

Were not similar goals and more – for which the US and its ZOGs allies invaded Iraq in 2003 and caused one million Iraqi death and destroyed the most stable and socially advanced secular Christian-friendly country in the Muslim East? Under Saddam Hussein, 5% Christian population had six ministers including country’s vice-president Tariq Aziz in Iraqi government.

“Unless the US does act far more decisively, Iran seems likely to be the de facto winner of the US invasion of Iraq,” warns Cordesman.

Then Cordesman list his suggestions to counter Iranian victory. His ideas include that Iranian leaders should be kept locked-in their own internal problems; flare-up Shia-Sunni divide, support Arab nationalism against Iran’s ‘Islamic unity (Ummah)’ and blackmail Iraqi government with money and arms so that Baghdad doesn’t have to look toward Tehran for such aids.

Robert Merry of the National Interest said about Washington’s folly in invading Iraq: “If it was a genuine neocon (mostly pro-Israel Jews) concern, these people should have considered it before they beat the drums for an Iraq invasion. The very people who most fervently denounce Tehran for “meddling” were the architects of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq – which sound an awful lot like, well, “meddling.”