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Arab Chriatian Professor Edward Said (1935-2003) was honored by Islamophobe David Horowitz (FrontPage magazine, November 11, 2001) as “terrorist” along with the Crypto-Zionist Jewish professor Noam Chomsky, wrote once that if Washington stop providing financial aid to the Zionist entity for a few years – Israel would stop to exist.

The Jewish Lobby called Edward Said a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for making that statement. However, David Horowitz‘s reaction to Rep. Ron Paul’s call for halting billions of dollars aid to Israel – proved how right Edward Said was. David Horowitz called Ron Paul a “vicious anti-Semite“.

According to US economist, Thomas R. Stauffer, the Zionist entity has cost US taxpayers more than $3 trillion a decade ago. The Zionist-controlled western mainstream media conceals the horrible disparity in Israel’s economic culture behind Israel’s great achievements in science, technology and wealth. However, in reality, Israel is one of the most socially polarised societies in the developed world. According to the Adva Institute, an Israeli equality and social justice NGO, top managers earn $523,000 a month, nearly 500 times the average monthly salary of $1,440. This is fives time the differential in the US.

Between 2005 and 2007, Israel produced more millionaires per capita than any other country. At the same time, 1.5 million Israelis, or more than 20 percent of the population, live in poverty – defined as living on 50 percent or less than the median income. Fully 34 percent of Israeli children live in poverty. Among the advanced countries, only the US has higher poverty levels.

Danny Richardson posted an interesting article, entitled Israel and foreign aid at World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) on February 11, 2012 – in which he wrote:

“Israel is a small country without natural resources and at war with its neighbours. From its creation under the aegis of the major Western powers, it was dependent upon external aid from these same powers – without which it was no more viable than such states as Jordan and Lebanon.

By far the most important source was the United States. After 1967, US aid rose from $50 million a year to $3 billion a year by 1986 ($1.2 billion economic aid and $1.8 billion military), making Israel the highest per capita recipient of US aid in the world. Whereas most US foreign aid is tied to specific projects and the purchase of US goods and services, and overseen by the government agency USAID, US aid to Israel goes straight into the country’s exchequer as a cash transfer.

Most of the military loans were converted into grants and the remaining loans were “forgiven” by Congress. But even these annual $3.5 billion in aid and grants were to become insufficient. In 1992-96, the US stepped in to provide $10 billion in loan guarantees and a similar amount in 2003. Without such guarantees, Israel would have been bankrupt…..“

Interestingly, while many top US lawmakers are demanding that Ben-Obama cut $1.3 billion annual military aid (largest after Israel) to Egypt- Dr. Anthony H. Cordesman, whom his fellow Jewish academic, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, called a War Whore, believes that such move will be harmful to Israel – even an Egypt under a Muslim Brotherhood regime. Cordesman is a member of American Jewish Committee (AJC) funded think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).