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After bombing the oil-rich Muslim Libya to stone-age, Israel-Firster UK prime minisher, David Cameron, is aiming at military intevention in another war-torn African Muslim nation, Somalia. The country lies at the core of the Horn of Africa, the newly found oil/gas rich region. Somalia is located just miles away across the Red Sea from American assets – Saudi Arabia, Israel and Yemen.

Last month, David Cameron called Somalia a “failed state that directly threatens British interests.” David Cameron has scheduled a London summit in February to bring together the countries currently active in the Horn of Africa to discuss how to address the situation. Key decisions are expected to be made on a number of issues, ranging from humanitarian aid to a possible Libya-type NATO military mission.

*Earlier this week, the UK’s international development minister, Andrew Mitchell, called for “urgent action” in the impoverished country, as “Somalia is a very direct threat to the security of the United Kingdom”. Andrew Mitchell is a member of ‘Conservatives Friends of Israel’.

Washington has increased its covert war activities in Somalia including drone attacks. It’s running a Guantanamo Bay prison in Mogadishu where thousands of Somalis are being tortured. According to Associated Press, Washington has given $45-million in military equipment to Uganda and Burundi to fund their forces in Somalia plus $24-million to Kenya, which invaded southern Somalia this year.

“Yesterday it was slavery, then colonialism and now the dictators Obama, Cameroon and Sarkozy are attempting to colonize Africa again,” said Made’ Gueu during the American Embassy protest.

“There is a huge Somali community round here that I represent, most of whom are from the South, but not all. And they are not saying to me, ‘Please, intervene!’ They are saying,’Can we please have support to get a functioning system of government and peace in Somalia?,” says Jeremy Corbin, Labour MP and UK ‘Stop the War Coalition‘ activist.

Somalia has not a functional government since 1991. Washington has a long history of interventions in Somalia – from dictator Said Barre to the ‘Black Hawk Down‘, ‘Israeli Sea piracy‘, ‘Al-Qaeda‘ to ‘War on Terror‘.

In August 2010, Gwynne Dyer wrote: “The US decision in 2006 to send Ethiopian troops into Somalia was one of the stupidest moves in a very stupid decade. Alas, the United States panicked, or at least its intelligence agencies did. The mere word “Islamic” set off alarm bells in the Bush administration, which had the lamentable habit of shooting first and thinking later”.

David Cameron: