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In January 2010, Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor group had sued the European Union (EU) over funding of several Non-government Organizations (NGOs) in Israel which are critical of Zionist regime’s policies. The group is headed by an Arab-hating professor Gerald Steinberg (Bar Ilan University).

The suit was filed in Luxembourg to force the EU to release funding details, because many NGOs were demonizing the Zionist entity. Some NGO’s issue reports critical of the Zionist regime, charging abuse of Palestinians. Others handled development projects. EU spokesman David Kriss had rejected the charges. He said the EU backs projects, not organizations, and information was readily available. Steinberg had claimed the EU had funneled about $46 million (33 million euros) to about 90 NGO’s in Israel and the Palestinian territories over three years.

On November 27, 2012, the EU Court of Justice threw the case out for lack of credible demand and asked Steinberg to foot all legal cost. The judges ruled, “The action is dismissed as, in part, manifestly inadmissible and, in part, manifestly lacking any foundation in law and that Gerald Steinberg shall bear his own costs and pay those incurred by the European Commission.” I bet the Jewish lobby groups soon will run a smear campaign against those judges!

As a typical Zionist bigot, Steinberg blasted the decision claiming that there must be something the EU was trying to hide. Michael Sfard, a lawyer who specializes in petition by human rights organizations said: “Steinberg invents demons and then chases them. On the way, he convinces the Europeans that the fears for the welfare of Israeli democracy are justified. All the data about the donations of foreign countries to Israeli human rights organizations are published on the Web sites of the organizations, as required by law.”

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