Lady of Light


PHASE I of the Great Exodus of souls from the planet will take place at a moment's notice when it is determined that the inhabitants are in danger. The very second the great computers show that needle has gone across a certain point, every satellite and participating craft, already in readiness, will swing into action. If it is not global in nature, but local areas of great danger, persons may be lifted only until the danger subsides and just as suddenly returned without recall. (In the former gatherings of the Earthean Eagles, most all will be permitted recall, being of a spiritual nature that permits it). The decisive events that trigger Phase I depend upon man and his actions and activities.

PHASE I of the global evacuation will come as the twinkling of an eye, with no time for any prewarning of any significance. It will be a secret taking away of spiritual leaders and teachers of the Light workers, but not those of the Special Legion who will remain until the last phase is completed. Phase I participants will be momentarily alerted at the time of any threat to the planet or its crust. Some may be notified where to go and when. In this covert rescue they will be invisibly levitated by beam to smaller ships that wait, on which they will be transported to the great Mother Ships anchored high in the atmosphere. Again it was repeated for emphasis, Phase I will remove all of the Earth Volunteers on assignment except those of the Special Legion who remain, highly protected, till all evacuation is completed .

It was stressed that it was impossible for them to state or give a figure of how many will participate in any of the removals because of the constant fluctuating population of the planet through death or intervention of Human Will, and the opening of the chakras of the new ones.

As mentioned earlier, there will be no landing areas for Phase I. They will be overhead and none will land. The Scout Ships will come wherever these special persons are.

* * * * * * * * * *


Our Space Friends have explained that the Second Phase of the global evacuation are those who have followed the Leaders and Teachers of Light, and the children! This Second Phase will be as close to the first as time permits, with the Second immediately following the first. The Second Phase is vital, as we return for the children of all ages and races. The child does not have the power of choice in understanding nor personal accountability.

In Commander Jycondria's continuing message through Lyara, he also speaks of the children:

"The children will naturally be lifted before the final phase of evacuation. Some of you will assist young souls of children and will be instruments in both entertainment and love until they are safely removed. Many will move up with them during evacuation so that they may pass up with the least amount of trauma possible.

Naturally most children will be boarded asleep - suspended animation - for the trauma of events would be too strenuous until they are to be awakened. The children will be initiated also, and as their 'veils' are lifted, they will appear as wise, mature adults in young bodies with very worthy assignments of service and education like the rest of you. Nurturing assignments which you as parents have received will be ended, as you rejoice in the graduation and beauty of these souls. Through the unlimited application of love, you will always be able to communicate with others. Telepathy, tele-vision, and teleportation will be among your unlimited abilities that you are awakening to. Be not concerned about the children, for they will be lovingly provided for."

Andromeda Rex has also given me these comforting words:

"In this phase the children will be attended to first, and special great ships of paramount love vibration are especially prepared, with those of great love to be in attendance upon these children. Your children will not be lost from you. There are tracers within our complicated equipment which can locate every soul. You can request and will be given this information to comfort your hearts while you tarry with us."

* * * * * * * * *

Captain Avalon has added this bit of information to the whole:

"There has been discussion of relocating medical personnel. This is an emergency contingency that is not necessarily a part of global evacuation. In times of great stress and truly phenomenal needs in a certain area, that is not a threat to the planet, then those members of the Special Legion who do have the necessary vocational attributes will agree to be approached in emergencies for these relocations.

If only a portion of the planet or certain sections are in danger or peril, a mass of persons may be relocated to another safer area. This would not constitute sufficient reason for evacuation, but mercy would permit a relocation for them. In that case, expertise and abilities of the Special Volunteers would accompany them to organize and care for them. Our ships are assigned to pick up persons of specific groupings. Those assigned to medical personnel would disperse them and supplies to the neediest areas of the planet, for the needs throughout the planet will be diversified, and the ability to meet those needs must be balanced. Thus, much of the lifting of these medically trained persons will be for relocating them where great need is present. This kind of emergency action would fall into the activities of Phase II. There could be much reshuffling of masses of persons to areas safer, cooler, warmer, drier, or whatever is vital at that moment of time, yet not threatening planetary annihilation.

* * * * * * * * * *


Enoch prophesied the returning Lord would have an entourage of at least ten thousand saints (Jude 14), but from the information we now have, that figure could be updated to many millions. Various Commanders of the Ashtar Command have explained to me that in whatever time remains, the sky will be filled with ships extending an invitation to rescue whosoever is without fear and whose vibratory frequency is sufficient to bear the Levitation Beams. Due to the planetary turbulence at the time, there will be only limited landings for this mass evacuation. This final removal takes place as time permits and in accordance with whatever disaster is prevalent.

"This will be a mass hovering in the skies for whoever is unafraid to join with us to be rescued. The ultimate destination of these will be determined later. The moment at hand will require only that they be without fear and of sufficient vibratory frequency to withstand the levitating beam around them. Phase III makes up the invitation to the multitudes to welcome whomsoever can withstand the activities of rescue and accept our call, in whatever few moments are left, for we cannot linger in your atmosphere when the turbulence gets underway. This final lift-off will, of course, also include those faithful Earth Commanders who have borne the heavy responsibility of Earth details in preparation for our coming. These are the kinds of things that will be discussed with them at their briefings in the Secret Councils."

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