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I have experienced the following things ever since I can remember - from the age of being a toddler. I'll do it in point form, otherwise I'll be typing for too long. I'll try to keep them in order of when the experiences for started and as they happened through my life. Take from this what you will.

Woke up in bed numerous times as a toddler/young child floating above my bed. Upon awakening I would drop back onto by bed. While above the bed, the experience was often accompanied by a feeling of something holding me up by my ribs (or that area), as if being pulled up.

Often woke up to find beings and entities in my room. They weren't always the same. Sometimes one tall entities, sometimes several small ones. Sometimes they were just heads.

I would often wake up, not in my room. I don't know where I was, except that I was most certainly not in my room.

I dreamed of circles in the grass when I was a toddler/young child. I looked at them and said (to myself): "Human beings have been here". I recall asking my mother the next day: "What is a human being?". She explained that I was a human being. I realize this is hard to swallow, that I could remember such a conversation, from that age - but I do, distinctly.

As a young child/toddler, I had recollection of places that I had not been to. I remember thinking about those places and wondering where/when those places were/are. I still do. I don't know the answer - still.

I also recall dreaming of that place. In that dream I was in two places. I was both on the ground and in the sky. I was speaking to "myself". This was at age 4 or 5. I looked up to the sky, as I looked down to myself looking up. I said: "I know I am in a dream". Then I woke up. I distinctly remember this dream.

At about 5, I saw a man standing in front of me. He was transparent and blue. Of course, I screamed my lungs out. This is a very distinct memory.

I often woke up in my bed the wrong way around. ie: Foot to head. Not in my covers, but on my bed.

I would often, as a child, get random thoughts to stop heading in one direction and turn away from where I was heading or where I was going. I would have the urge to go somewhere else. ie: I would be riding my bike, see a line of trees and for one reason or another, I'd have to turn around and go see what was in those trees. I felt strongly that something was there that I would miss if I did not turn around, or go there.

I have had literally thousands of dreams, all my life about world events, places and people. I have so many images of events and places in my head, I don't think I could ever explain them all.

I have woken up hundreds of times frozen in my bed, with my room lit up blue (with no light source, just radiant blue). This was associated with low deep oscillating humming, so deep that I could actually feel it through my entire body. There is also an associated high pitched oscillating sound. Each and every time this happened, I would fight with everything I have to get up from my bed. However, in each and every instance I simply lost consciousness after a short while and woke up later (usually in the morning).

I dreamed of September 11 the day before it happened. I also dreamed of the towers falling months before it happened. I have also had more dreams which have not yet happened: nuclear explosions, martial law and also non-human entities being here on the surface of this earth, associated with the roundup of people. This would take me too long to explain here, but I have dreamed of this scenario and situation dozens of times. I have a great picture in my mind of what is coming in that regard. But of course, I don't have dates - so it's practically useless information (sense my frustration?) anyway.

I have woken up physically injured many times. One particular night, I was having my head crushed in (or, at least, that's how it felt) by some sort of pressure. I woke up the next morning with a swollen neck and face.

I have a hole on the inside of my right calf. It is a piece of missing skin, about the size of a match head. It wasn't there when I want to bed. It remained bruised for several years. The bruising has only recently fully disappeared.

I do not only dream. I also have images and feelings flood into my head and into my consciousness while I am awake. I hear things. Places, names, people, all sorts of things. I plain out don't listen anymore. I've learned to block it out. Long story.

I am a believer in God. I read the Bible. I pray. So, (and I know that I will be told otherwise on a forum like this) I try to block all things out. I do not wish to speak with, inquire of, be influenced by or deal with any entity. I never did want to and I still do not want to. So, I do my best to block it all out and make these things go away. I have been injured attacked and abused by these things all my life. If anyone tells me: "Oh just go with the flow" - then you haven't been through what I have and you don't know what you're talking about so spare me - please.

I am also very intuitive. I often know when danger is close. I often know peoples intentions. I often know what people are thinking (to an extent). This often makes life difficult for me because I often KNOW when someone is lying, or not telling the truth. Then (with an apparent lack of evidence), I am accused of being judgmental or accusive. So, I often have to just say nothing, even though I know better than others in some instances and circumstances because they can't work out why I am so adamant of knowing something without evidence, and: "I'm psychic and I can read your mind" usually doesn't do the trick!

I am not religious. I can't stand religion. I hate religion. earlier I said I believe in God and that I read the Bible. That does NOT make me "religious". So please spare me and not put me in a religious fundamentalist box. I believe what I do because of what I have experienced.

I also have memories of not only being aboard space craft, but also piloting them. I have memories of being in different places, which I can safely say couldn't possibly be earth. Also, I am quite convinced I have visited places both on and off earth that aren't even in this time. I don't know the full story and I wont pretend to.

To conclude everything. Let me say that I have been abused, tortured, messed with and psychologically scarred by the entities that have taken an interest in me since I was a toddler. For this reason: 1). My attitude isn't to great and 2). I have fought with it all my life under great protest and duress.

I have absolutely NO will to discuss these things because "it's cool" or because I am looking for excitement. It's just that once you've been through something for long enough, you begin to accept it and become accustomed to it. So in recent years I've been a little more open to both discussing these things and also trying to find out more information.

I can say one thing. I am not a person who says he has all the answers. I'll tell you - I am flat out confused. In many ways, I am broken. I am ruined -- but I am not looking for sympathy or a shoulder either. I've got my chin up, and all I really want is the truth. I really don't want to get involved in an experience fest.

What I have written above is what has happened with me, the way I see it. I'm not looking for attention. I am most certainly not looking to site here spending the rest of my life discussing on all the weird stuff that happens to people, ie: in search of drama. I've been through enough, so my belly is already full.

I could say more, but where do I stop? You can ask questions if you like. That's guts of it, as written above. My opinions, feelings and openness change from day to day and week to week depending on my mood. One day I'll be willing to talk about it, another day I'll probably tell someone to get lost I don't want to talk about it.

I posted it here just in case maybe, somehow, there might be a benefit. But I don't see how (honestly).. I don't mean to have a bad attitude about it all, but 1). I am pretty ****** off with the whole thing and 2). I'm kind of over it, in the respect that I don't have ANY real answers and I'm kind of sick of looking for them.

..but I am intrigued. If I could find any "REAL" answers at all, I'd be over the moon. No pun intended. But I am not holding my breath.

I'm just annoyed that I don't know who I am. I am annoyed about a lot of things. My head is a mess. But I put on a very good act to appear level headed.