Extraterrestrials in the prehistoric

Friday, February 13, 2009

Around the approximately 100 billion stars in our known planets are Galaxis. Recent observations with very powerful telescopes indicate that many of the worlds water and Earth atmospheres may contain. Life is everywhere in the universe exists, and it's always been, long before we were spread on the planet.

Carefully preserved legends and scientific literature indicates that some creatures, which are distant worlds evolved, their scientific skills such opvoerden that they were able to leave their home worlds and through space to our small but desirable planet could travel.

The Earth with its lush vegetation and pleasant climate has always attracted visitors, and some of them have in the past, considerable time spent. Memories of extraterrestrial visitors are all over the world, in most writings of ancient cultures survived.

Often, passengers described as gods from the sky afdaalden. We know that the visits of the 'gods' the oldest things in the history of the African Zulu - and Dogon tribes. Writings of the Order of the ancient Egyptian Ammonites and the Quiche Maya (the Popol Vuh) Central America tell us that their guests used the compass, knew that the earth was round and the secrets of the universe knew.

Plato says that the people on Earth were originally directly ruled by gods, and Greek mythology paints them as real people, complete with emotions and sexual impulses. Because of their powerful weapons, and the ability to fabulous speed travel, they could interfere with human affairs, but they themselves were inaccessible.

The original Americans have been 'In the beginning' contact with the gods maintained. The Sioux have a story about a beautiful, turned white, radiant person of the stars, which, as "normally" for aliens, a woman. They appeared on two explorers Dakota, who was called White Buffalo Calf Woman called. White Buffalo Calf Woman gave lessons explorers, ceremonies and important instructions about the origin of the Sioux.

When they, as their ancestors Lemurische and Atlantic, in a receptive state of consciousness, many Original Americans able to speak aloud without communicating with their stars Ancestors.

It is suggested that, if we contact with aliens in space to make noise and light are too slow for such large distances in time and space. We should not use thought transmission, because the fast is almost immeasurable. There are also plenty of articles that mind the speed of light!

The Far East has a wealth of information. Brahman books say that friends of the Kosmos hitherto unknown fruits and cereals brought to Earth.

The first Chinese Emperor afstamden claimed that they are not human beings on Earth, but that their ancestors came from the heavens above the metal dragons that spit fire.

The Japanese claim that they descended from seven spiritual gods who were followed by five earthly spirits. Research and translations to that old Indian epic many references to gods and their ships fly through the air.

The Samara Sutradharra and other writings from the past contain information about those vehicles, details of how they operated, or had to be repaired, as well as accurate descriptions of the countries of the world seen from the air.

One of the biggest mysteries in the study of human evolution is the sudden appearance of the Cro-Magnon man. Over one hundred thousand years, the human race unchanged. Individuals retain the same physical characteristics, were left with simple stone tools and looked well on the same way to food.

Nothing emerged from the Cro-Magnon in widely scattered areas on Earth. These intelligent, modern people lived 100,000 years ago on the south coast of Africa. In Australia and the Middle East that happened 60,000 years ago, while the valleys and rivers in France and Spain into the Atlantic Ocean flowed, 35,000 years ago were populated.

Many scientists believe that the sudden appearance of the Cro-Magnon was due to the fact that: "... the sons of God to the daughters of men and children were begetteth as Genesis VI described the ...

Battle wagons were the primary means of transport in Biblical times. Therefore, in the Bible described as rapid spacecraft clouds, cloud cars or just cars. Pilots were so car makers, and one launch was described as eddy winds.

The Visoen of Ezekiel it is very plastic, "And while I looked for where a wind storm came from the North set up in a big cloud, attached to the outside light was fiery tongues were constantly visible, and in the midst of the flames found himself as something of gleaming bronze. And from the middle of all this came the likeness of four living creatures .... "


Aircraft, spacecraft and missiles were unknown in the early 20th century, when archaeologists 25,000 clay tablets opgroeven in the library of Nineveh, the ancient capital of Sumeria. At the time, including the scientists Sumerian references to the almighty gods from the sky did not really.

Zecharia Sitchin, an expert in Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hethiten languages, but also expert in the field of history and archeology of the Middle East, has a very contemporary translation of the ancient texts. Sitchin believes that the manuscripts visitors from space described hundreds of years on Earth stayed in the land between Tigris and Euphrates.

They lay people, wore helmets, had weapons and they were the cause of the sudden, superior knowledge on architecture, astronomy, metallurgy, complex mathematics and advanced medical techniques in Sumeria.

In Sitchins translations of these clay tablets we read that the "gods who came from above" were monitoring the construction of step pyramids or Ziggurats in Sumeria. Identical prehistoric structures are widely distributed in Mexico, Egypt, China and all locations that the heavenly visitors' gladly give oaths.

The earliest pyramids in Egypt, with a flat top, were used for religious services, but it was not long that the faithful were forced by the heat their services in indoor spaces, and the sides of the pyramid were extended to the point we know today.

Except a few of the over one hundred pyramids in China also have flat roofs. Many of these Chinese pyramids are great, there is a just as big as the Pyramid of Cheops. No one knows what secrets of the earliest life on Earth in this mysterious structure buried.

The Chinese authorities keep a close eye pyramids, and interested people at a distance, with the excuse that the opening of the huge buildings for the next generation is intended.


We may safely say that the visitors from space also visited Atlantis. This island continent was one of the most liveable places in prehistory. During the last Ice Age, from 50,000 to 10,000 BC. Atlantis remained free of snow and ice by the warm Gulf Stream that flowed to the continent.

In the Critias of Plato, we read that Poseidon, the god of the sea, went to Atlantis and Clito, a daughter of the married people. Poseidon done above human performance with the construction of a massive citadel, which was equipped with palaces, temples, courts and spa pleasure with hot and cold running water!

If you read this, do you still immediately EA / Enki-Recorder, the oldest prince of the Annunaki. EA meant: "He whose house is water". For me, Poseidon and Enki-Recorder identical aspects of a creature.

The absolute center of the Acropolis of Atlantis was a shrine to Poseidon and Clito was dedicated. According to Plato were geplengd sacrifices in honor of the 10 Atlantic Kings in this Blessed Saints of the Light were experienced. This sounds like blatant blueprint of the Tabernacle of the Exodus and the Temple of Solomon ...

The Cherokee, one of the Indian tribes of North America, are convinced that their ancestors, who first lived on Atlantis, and after the collapse of that island emigrated to America, the Pleiads came.

Ruth Montgomery, seeress, prophetess, occultist and author of several books, says that visitors from the area were attracted by the teachings inquisitive and inventive mind / intelligence of the Atlantean, that cooperation and sharing of information emerged.

Montgomery says that the Atlantean have succeeded in their own aircraft to be built by studying the vessels of the aliens. Together with their ET guests built Atlantean quartz crystals enormous power that is environmentally friendly was ...

I suspect that these crystals power the cause of the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle! I know almost certainly that the aliens were not less than the parents or creators of the Atlantic race.

The extraterrestrial visitors forgot their friends on Earth not. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, "saw more vehicles to the Earth during the last phase of Atlantis, to the residents to warn of the impending collapse of Atlantis.

Although "Those who from Heaven came to Earth in ancient times were openly acknowledged and discussed, our 'civilization' may never know what they were here in prehistoric times, but they were there and very helpful ...

The Original Americans believe that envoys of the earliest stars Nations will come back to us to grow spiritually and to learn with the great changes on this planet. We, Children of the Earth, would be an example to follow without fear or prejudice to welcome visitors, so they can help us and advise.

Loved, what we do not know, because we are intellectual beings, is that many star seeds all of us. The experts from the people labeling this as embodied souls autist, Asperger, border liners, ADHD, PDD-NOS, and other names because they simply do not understand.

I assert that the area attracted visitors from Here & Now by the inquisitive and inventive mind / intelligence that Indigo and Crystal Generations, after 1970 in increasing birth waves on Earth were the resonances and reflections of our advanced gifted ancestors.

These 'aliens' came in seven waves of 11 bodies, or subdivisions.
The First and Second Gulf led the Archangel Children.
The Third Wave, the gifted children.
The Fourth Wave was stellar with the Children.
The Fifth Wave introduced the Christ Light Children.
The Sixth Wave, the Christ Child of Grace.
The Seventh Wave, the Christ Child Unit.

We started this article with extraterrestrial visitors in the primeval times, the cycle is completed. There are always visitors from space on Earth continue to be, they looked human and had high awareness levels. They had names like Newton, Da Vinci, Einstein, Planck and Tesla, pioneers or explorers, who always need peak and pickling.

The prehistoric is our future, and if you understand this concept, I called you a warm welcome in the Golden Era of Awareness ...

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