Global Warming hoax invented to create a world government

Huge scientific opposition Co2-nonsense theory - Findings UN climate panel completely undermined; correct temperature decreases since 2003

Al Gore is "the elite" and the UN put forward as leader of the global warming hoax, with the goal of all humanity to come to undergo a one-world government.
More and more critical scientists belonging to the now vast majority, are openly against the extremely costly measures, in particular the Western governments to take a completely undermined by them, not to address current climate: Global warming caused by Co2 emissions . Similarly there is increasing evidence on the table that Global Warming a hoax invented by the United Nations to governments and whole nations are willing to submit to the creation of a one-world government. The current planned economic collapse is an important part of this endeavor.

The declaration of Maurice Strong, the UN Commissioner of the UN Environment Program, in an interview with West Magazine in 1990, given the developments on the world stage now in a very gruesome perspective:
'What if a small group of world leaders decided that the biggest risk to (the environment) the Earth is the result of the actions of the rich countries? ... So to save the planet group decides: Is the deposit of each other industrialized countries are not the only hope for our planet? Is it not our responsibility that collapse to cause? This group of world leaders forms a secret society that aims to cause the economic collapse. "
We have previously reported on the often correct information research journalists Daniel Estulin and Jim Tucker annually on the 'secret' Bilderberg meetings out of the office. During the last Bilderberg meeting in Greece to resolve the current economic collapse have significantly worse, and with the zogenaamde'Global Warming 'climate-use around the world to a one-world government.
Richard Haass, president of the notorious Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), wrote in 2006 in the article "State sovereignty must be altered in a globalized era" that a world government system should be, and that the sovereignty of countries eliminated in order to 'global warming' to fight. He also mentions economic instability (when not at all) and terrorism as means to the sovereignty of countries to weaken.
Al Gore, put forward as the leader of the global-warming-hoax movement gave recently commented on the adoption of the highly controversial U.S. klimaatwet which costs and taxes for consumers greatly increased, that this' positive step towards a world government. "
The vice-president of the Rothschild Bank, Simon Linnett, also called for the establishment of a new international body "that emissions of CO2 globally regulates and taxes on this levy. "A key element for a legally creërenvan global trading system and the associated loss of sovereignty. Governments must be prepared to subordinate their national interests in part to this global initiative to reduce emissions. This is a new system of government requires that the top individual countries. "
"The European countries do this already in certain areas, their sovereignty to the EU. And ultimately, the EU itself must bow to an even larger body - one that the economic powers India and China covers. "

According Linnett the Co2 emissions trading in the ... reserve currency of the world ... " become. "The emissions trading would be a New World Order can achieve a sustainable planet. 'That's precisely one vice-president of the Rothschild bank such measures could be proposed as a major shock to come for the environmental movement, most members always thought that their ideals themselves came from, and not, as is increasingly clear that, part of a power elite to plan to achieve a one-world government.
Also perhaps beruchtere Rockefeller family said in 2008 through the patriarch of the family, David Rockefeller, the oil giant Exxon (Esso)-emerged from the oil empire of the Rockefellers, more needs to focus on the environmental crisis that we all concerned. "

The conclusion that the world in the short term unprecedented revolution to come, namely the countries of the world under the guise of 'global warming' and under pressure from a planned economic collapse, their sovereignty, power and wealth and return to a new world government. The economic devastation of the U.S. and a similar crisis in the EU are designed to provide the citizens of the West come to willingly and without resistance to this power and wealth surrender it.
Scientific opposition Co2-nonsense theory increases
Across the world, the serious opposition from scientists at the UN-made global warming hoax again. Whether governments are willing to listen to them is still in demand, but the fact is that only a very small part of the scientific community-that part which is funded and controlled by the UN and the government for purely political reasons CO2 warming theory continues to support.
In the USA, a large number of scientists belonging to the American Chemical Society (ACS), according to own the largest scientific association in the world ', the resignation of the editor of Chemical & Engineering News, Rudy Baum, as in July 2009 in an editorial critique provided to the deniers of global warming, because it would seek "meaningful efforts towards global climate change to derail.
Baum wrote a week later that he was surprised and shocked by the strong reactions of many ACP scientists who aanveegden the floor with his article: 'Disgusting', 'a disgrace', 'full of misinformation, "" unworthy of a scientific article' and 'pulp'.

'Baum' comments were particularly worrying because of its hostility towards Skeptic ism, which is precisely a part of the soul of every scientist. Let us reflect on what questions Baum: which of the 20 major climate models is now suddenly a scientific conclusion, so the rest can be discarded? ... Did you mention 'climate change' instead of 'global warming', as global warming increasingly appears inconsistent with the facts? "(Dr.Howard Hayden, em.prof.Natuurkunde)
"I take it very high on that Baum Chemical & Engineering News for his personal vision show, and thus sneaky contrary information and ignore those who are convinced that this (global warming) is a hoax, uitscheldt." (William Tolley)
"The growing number of scientists, you uitscheldt for sowing doubt, and statistics that are ignored by the media, are generally highly competent professionals, experts in their field, fully honorable people, and highly skilled in scientific methods -- characteristics that clearly do not apply to you. "(William E. Keller)
The revolt of the members of the ACP is one of the most recent in a series of eruptions of groups of scientists who are against the so-called-but-nonexistent "consensus" that there would be with regard to global warming. " In May claimed 54 prominent physicists of the APS (American Physics Society) a petition in which they insisted on the official global-warming position of the APS review. 'Measured and again verified temperature data show that the changes in 20th-21st century, neither exceptional nor permanent, and that historical and geological data show that there have been many periods that were warmer than now. "
Not only many U.S. scientists opposed the global warming hoax reversed. In May 2009 published a 255 page report in which 700 international scientists remote names of man-caused global warming theory. The report not only demonstrated that the warming in 2009 is non-existent, but that the global temperature since Al Gore's false and misleading 'An Inconvenienth Truth even with 0.74 degrees F. fallen.

In 2008 at the prestigious International Geological Congress in Norway that no less than 2 / 3 of all the scientists declared opponent of the findings of the UN climate panel IPCC. From the IPCC has also shown that only 20% of the connected panel professionally dealing with the climate, and many of them already have taken away from the official UN position. Similar reports, which invariably a large majority of climate scientists Co2 theory rejects appeared already in Poland, Canada, India and Russia.
Even when our German neighbors growing open scientific opposition to the global-warming hoax. A group of 64 prominent German scientists now called the current global-warming climate fears a 'pseudo religion' and calls on Chancellor Merkel urgently to the official government position regarding of Co2/global warming change. "CO2 has no measurable effect on the temperature ... The UN IPCC climate panel has lost its scientific credibility, "conclude the scientists.
"If all fossil fuels would be used, then the temperature rise in the long term be limited to a few tenths of a degree .... The IPCC should be aware of this, but this fact has completely ignored ... The atmosphere is warming since 1998 is no longer, and since 2003 the temperature just drops significantly. Not one of the many extremely costly climate models has managed to predict. According to the IPCC had to be warmer, but there was just the opposite. "


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