How To Hypnotize Someone - What Will Trance Feel Like


Whether you are learning how to hypnotize someone else or hypnotize yourself, many people want to know exactly what to expect. What does a hypnotic trance feel like? Was I really hypnotized? Did it work?

Every trance is different and every person experiences trance differently. All I can do is make generalizations. Please keep in mind, all generalizations are lies, including that one. Nothing is 100% stereotypical. That being said, here is the general idea.

Hypnotic trance is nothing more than the mind being focused on one thought at a time. Now when you are under hypnosis, you will be able to hear birds singing out the window. You may or may not notice them. The fact that you do hear the birds does not mean you are not hypnotized.

Your mind is very capable of doing many things at one time. You can eat dinner and have a meaningful conversation at the same time. Your mind is not only talking, processing the words, and listening to the meaning of what the other person has said. Your mind is telling your mouth to chew, your salivary glands to excrete saliva. It tells your throat how to swallow the food without choking. It tells you not to talk with your mouth full. It has you take an occasional drink to wash the food down. It tells you to continue to breathe through the entire affair.

Just because you do or do not actually enjoy the taste of the green beans during dinner does not distract from the conversation. The effects of hypnosis are similar. You most likely will remember every thing that was said. Hypnosis is still a conversation. You will remember every thing that was said. You will not feel like you were under some kind of anesthetic.

You may not be able to move your arm, most likely because you will not have a reason to. If you are in a relaxed state your feet probably won’t tap. But even if they do, it shouldn’t reflect on whether or not the hypnosis was effective.

Most of the doubt comes from what we perceive. As we learn how to hypnotize someone we think it will be like on TV or in a movie. Arms straight out or slouched over in a chair. Even after we learn better, the people whom we hypnotize have similar beliefs. This is what they expect and we (as hypnotists) have to educate them.

In a nutshell here is what you will tell them when you have learned how to hypnotize someone.

You will be in complete control. You will not lose consciousness. You will remember everything I said. I will be communicating with you on several levels. I will be talking to your conscious mind keeping it occupied while your subconscious will absorb the deeper meaning in what I say, and will make the changes needed on a subconscious level. Your subconscious may or may not let you in on what it has understood and what changes it has seen fit to make. This creates the lasting change we are looking for. Your conscious mind may believe nothing has happened and nothing has changed. The opinion of your conscious mind will have very little effect on what the subconscious does. This is how hypnosis works.