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Yukiya Amano, Secretary General of the IAEA, by repeating US-Israeli old propaganda lie that Islamic Republic has deviated from its peaceful program – has brought IAEA in line with P5+1 Zionist agenda against Islamic Republic. Frustrated by the failure of their existing four sanctions against Iran to stop its civilian nuclear program – the P5+1 are gearing up for expanding the range of those failed sanctions, hoping to increase their effectiveness.

“Since Amano has become the Secretary General, the direction of all reports regarding Iran’s nuclear program have become closer to the position of the 5+1. In other words, he prepares more negative reports about Iran compared to his predecessor. A cynical view would perhaps claim that he is moving on a path that might lead to announcing that Iran has deviated from its peaceful program,” says Dr. Rahman Ghahremanpour, Director of the Disarmament Studies Group at the Strategic Research Center in a recent interview.

Vice-president Dr. Fereidoon Abbasi stated on Wednesday that Islamic Republic is going to install new generation of centrifuges in its uranium enrichment sites and will increase its 20-percent uranium enrichment output by three times. Crypto-Jewish Nicolas Sarkozy’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bernard Valero, was the fist to jump on his Israeli-pole, saying “this announcement is a provocation”. France has more than 300 nuclear bombs itself.

The western hoax about installation of centrifuges in Fordo nuclear site is dismissed by Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, stating: ”The Islamic republic of Iran informs the IAEA of any action regarding civilian nuclear enrichment and we have already told IAEA officials that we would transfer 20-percent enriched fuel to Fordo site from Natanz nuclear installation.”

Islamic Republic has been producing uranium enriched up to 5 percent for years. However, when France stopped its supply of enriched nuclear fuel for Tehran Research Reactor (TRR), used for producing radioisotopes needed for cancer treatment – Iran was forced to start the higher enrichment – up to near 20 percent, considered a threshold between low and high enriched uranium – in February 2010.

Jeffrey Goldberg, the Israel Hasbara (propaganda) American Jewish columnist scared the hell out of his fellow Zionists in his ’Red Alert’ published in Bloomberg on June 6, 2011, entitled ‘Iran Wants the Bomb, and it’s well on its Way’. As a Muslim Canadian, I wish Tehran produce a Bomb asap and shut the Evildoers with 240+ Jewish bombs forever!

As expected, none of the western mainstream media outlet mentioned that while Yukiya Amano reported his doubts about Iran’s civilian nuclear program – he also slammed Israel for attacking Syria’s so-called nuclear facility in Deir ez Zor desert in 2007.

“It’s very unfortunate that the facility was destroyed in an Israeli bombing of an “alleged” without the opprtunity for the Agency to do its part in the verification,” Amano told the IAEA Board of Governors. The facility was constructed as part of Syrian nuclear program but was without a nuclear reactor at the time of Israeli terrorist attack.

IAEA joins P5+1 war against Islamic Republic | Rehmat's World