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Islamic Republic is the only country among 57 Muslim nation states which has succeeded in manufacturing all conventional arms to defend itself from the enemies of the 1979 Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini.

Iran has not stopped there. In order to face daily threats from Israel, the US and other western regimes – Iran has extended its research and development into the most modern warfare technology. After Iran’s No.1 enemy, the Zionist entity received its first nuclear submarine from Germany last month – Tehran has announced the commissioning of a project to manufacture its own nuclear-powered submarine.

Islamic Republic is one of world’s few countries which have the capabilities in designing and manufacturing different kind of submarines. Last month, Iranian scientists proved their capabilites by launching ‘Tareq’, an old Russian submarine totally overhauled in Iran. Speaking at the launching ceremony, on May 29, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari lauded Iranian experts’ success in repairing heavy submarines, saying their outstanding capabilities and mastery of the hi-tech used in naval vessels display the failure of enemy sanctions and pressures.

Last year, the Iranian Navy’s Tareq-class submarine, ‘Younus’, managed to set a new record in sailing the international waters and high seas for 68 days. It sailed alongside warships of the 14th fleet of the Iranian Navy, returned home in early June 2011 following an over two-month-long mission in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Speaking to FNA on Tuesday, Lieutenant Commander of the Navy for Technical Affairs Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini pointed to the navy’s plan to manufacture super heavy nuclear-powered submarines, and stated, “Right now, we are at the initial phases of manufacturing atomic submarines.”

Only a handful of nations can boast their own technology to make nuclear-powered submarines. These include the US, the UK, Russia, France and China. India is also reportedly building one.

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