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The European Union foreign policy chief, British Baroness Cathrine Ashton has announced that her P5+1 group will hold talks with Iranian delegate on country’s nuclear program “very soon”. Saeed Jalili, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator said on January 4 that Tehran would continue to determinedly defend Iranian nation’s right to peaceful neclear technology. Jalili also said that United States not only holds world’s largest nuclear stockpile and have used it on two Japanese cities in WW II - it also gave the Zionist regime 741 lb of highly-enriched uranium which enabled Israel to produce its first batch of nuclear bombs.

With the begining of Barack Obama’s second term, several pro-Israel media outlets (NYT, WP, etc.), and foreign policy experts (Paul R. Pillar, Reza Marashi, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Alon Ben-Meirm Dr. Noam Chomsky) including diplomats (Indian MK. Bhadrakumar, Iranian Seyed Hossein Mousavian, American Thomas R. Pickering) have expressed opinions that Obama administration has finally realized that it has reached a dead end with its foreign policy toward the Islamic Republic. The anti-Iran crippling sanctions, though, have punished ordinary Iranian citizen but failed their support for Tehran’s continuous nuclear enrichment efforts which have become a national pride.

MK. Bhadrakumar summed up the situation at his blog Indian Punchline (January 4) by saying: “The US has no stomach for war, while on the other hand, Tehran realizes the futality of increasing the enrichment beyond 20 percent. Both sides are groping for honorable exit options“.

Israeli daily Ha’aretz has reported that Benjamin Netanyahu has tuned-down his ‘red line’ rant by claiming that as result of ‘US war on Syria’, Iran is isolated and its other regional allies, Hizballah and Islamic Jihad are on the back foot. CIA proxy, professor Juan Cole in his blog ‘Informed Comment‘ (Jan.1) also predicted the “Rise of Sunnies and the Decline of Iran, Iraq and Hizballah: The Middle East in 2013“.

The paper also reported earlier that Netanyahu had admitted having Israel-Iran secret meeting attended by former Zionist foreign minister Shiomo Ben-Ami. Furthermore, on October 20, 2012, NYT reported that Washington and Tehran had agreed in principle for the first time to one-on-one negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

Surprisingly, American Jewish scholar, Dr. Noam Chomski, a Crypto Zionist, has supported the necessity of a nuclear-free Middle East, but says that since Israel doesn’t want to dismantle its nuclear arsenal – America would not support 120-nation strong Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) call for a nuclear free Middle East.

“Americans can hardly be aware of how diplomacy has once again failed, for a simple reason: Virtually nothing is reported in the United States about the fate of the most obvious way to address “the gravest threat” – Establish a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East,” says Chomski.

Paul R. Pillar wrote: “So one side (US) feels a need to crow about a victory, while the other side (Iran) needs to feel that it has not been kicked in the face. To square that emotional circle, American politicians will have to get most of their triumphalist fix from what has happened already—from getting a negotiation with Iran about curtailing its nuclear program under way at all. Members of Congress can proclaim today (and when they next run for re-election) that all those votes they cast in favor of all of those sanctions were an important part of getting Iran to the negotiating table. After saying that, they should pipe down, get out of the way, and let the negotiators strike a deal.”

Israeli negotiator Dr. Alon Ben-Meir says: “Netanyahu may well form the next Israeli government; yet Netanyahu of 2013 will not enjoy the same political sway he commanded in 2009. In his second term, he will face an alienated international community baffled by his general behavior, his defunct policies in relation to the conflicts with Israel’s neighbors“.

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