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Brig. Gen. Itay Baron, head of Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) Military Intelligence research section told Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday that Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah has 60,000 rockets and missiles as compared to 6,000 during the 34-day war in 2006. Baron also claimed Hizbullah is developing drones and sea-to-air missiles.

I bet Israel Lobby must have told its lapdogs in Congress and Senate to start pulling Obama’s strings for more cash for Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ meant to protect all those foreign Jews occupying Arab land from Hizbullah, Hamas, Syria and Iran. Israel has already received $205 million from Uncle Sam for this purpose and last week Panetta promised additional $70 million.

According to Israel daily Ha’aretz (May 23, 2012), Itay Baron told the paranoid Knesset members that “some 3500 missiles in Syria and Iran are currently aimed at Israel“.

Israeli deputy Chief of General Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, on Tuesday said at a defense forum that Israeli army needs many hours to neutralize Hizbullah’s air defense systems before targeting civilian infrastructure.

“Hizbollah seeks to turn the quantity into quality; if they can wreak havoc on the Israeli homefront, they will be within striking distance of a ‘victory photo’ that would influence decision-making among Israeli political echelons,” he said.

In other words, the Israeli generals are expecting another military humiliation at the hands of Hizbullah, as they received in 2006.

Hizbullah has no military or commercial planes, no tanks, no helicopters and no ships or submarines – and ofcourse no nuclear bombs (Israel has estimated 400 nuclear bombs). In fact, even Lebanese army has none of those arms which make IOF world’s fifth most powerful army.

Anyone knows that Israeli military has been milking US taxpayers to the tune of $3 billion per year since 1980s? Israel’s current military budget stands at $13.9 billion as compared to Iran’s $6 billion.

Watch a video recording Hizbullah’s military operations against Jewish occupation of Lebanese territories, below.

Israel: ‘Hizbullah has 60,000 rockets’ | Rehmat's World