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It seems Hungarian politicians are waking-up from their Zionist-doctrine slumber ahead of the rest of western politicians.

On April 4, just before Jewish Passover holiday, MP Zsolt Barath, member of Hungary’s second largest opposition party – the nationalist Jobbik Party - reminded his fellow parliamentarians of a historical event of national importance which happened 130 years ago. He claimed that the Jews who were accused of kidnapping and murdering a 14-year-old Hungarian Christian girl, Esther Solymosi, from the village of Tiszaeszlar, were found innocent only because the judge worried that international bankers would push Hungary into bankruptcy if the Jews were convicted.

The 1882-83 murder trail of Tiszaeszlar involved the disappearance of 14-year-old Esther Solymosi who was last seen nearby the local Synagogue. The two sons of the Synagogue-servant Josef Scharf accused their father and stated that Esther was lead into the Synogogue and butchered there. The corpse of the girl was never found. 13 Jews were put on trail but all were acquitted by a judge.

Jews have always refuted the ‘Blood Libel’ accusations. However, recently a Jewish scholar Dr. Ariel Toaff (son of a Rabbi), in his book Bloody Passovers claimed that the centuries-old Christians’ Blood Libel was true. The revelation angered the Jewish groups so much that Israeli lawmakers demaded Israeli government to jail Dr. Toaff for his anti-Semitic rant.

Several Jewish groups have demanded Zsolt Barath’s resignation.

In December 2011, the deputy speaker of parliament and member of Jobbik, Zoltan Balczo, lead a protest in front of the US embassy to express solidarity with the Islamic Republic. He accused Israel of dictating Obama administration, saying “the tail should not wag the dog“. Another speaker at the protest, Rev. Lorant Hegedus, said that “Jews control the global media and Jews were responsible for WW II“.

Marton Gyongyosi, deputy leader of Jobbik Party in an interview with British Israel lobby mouthpiece, the Jewish Chronicle, published February 2, said that Israelis are treating Palestinians like Nazis treated Jews. He also claimed that the story that 400,000 Jews were killed or deported from Hungary is a big lie. Gyongyosi also told Jewish Chronicle that the conflicts in the Middle East are created by the US and Israel.

“Iran is an extremely peaceful country and never started a war, unlike Israel which has declared wars on anything and everybody around it,” said Gyongyosi.

In October 2011 – Jobbik’s leader Gabor Vona along with Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos (member of ruling praty Fidesz) hosted a trade delegation from Iran to boost trade and cultural relations between the two countries. Hungary exports poultry and greenhouse vegetables to Iran and imports Iranian dried fruits, pistachios, and saffron. During the meeting Vona also declared the twinning of Tiszavasvári with the Iranian city, Ardabil.

Abraham Foxman, national director of powerful Israel lobby group, Anti-Defamation League, has not only blasted MP Zsolt Barath – but has also claimed that anti-Semitism is very high in Hungary – because “three out of four Hungarians believe Jews has too much power in international finance markets and 38% Hungarians believe that Jews are responsible for the death of Christ“.

A few days ago, German Nobel Prize winner, Guenter Grass, published a poem – in which he praised Iranian government and slammed Israeli regime for being threat to world peace. Grass is facing scurrilous attacks from Jewish groups for his poem which is labeled as ‘Blood Libel’. Below is English translation of the poem, entitled, ‘What must be said’, by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher.

Why I am silent, silent for too much time,
how much is clear and we made it
in war games, where, as survivors,
we are just the footnotes

That is the claimed right to the formal preventive aggression
which could erase the Iranian people
dominated by a bouncer and moved to an organized jubilation,
because in the area of his competence there is
the construction of the atomic bomb

And then why do I avoid myself
to call the other country with its name,
where since years – even if secretly covered -
there is an increasing nuclear power,
without control, because unreachable
by every inspection?

I feel the everybody silence on this state of affairs,
which my silence is slave to,
as an oppressive lie and an inhibition that presents punishment
we don’t pay attention to;
the verdict “anti-Semitism” is common

Now, since my country,
from time to time touched by unique and exclusive crimes,
obliged to justify itself,
again for pure business aims – even if
with fast tongue we call it “reparation” -
should deliver another submarine to Israel,
with the specialty of addressing
annihilating warheads where the
existence of one atomic bomb is not proved
but it wants evidence as a scarecrow,
I say what must be said

Why did I stay silent until now?
Because the thought about my origin,
burdened by an unclearing stain,
had avoiding to wait this fact
like a truth declared by the State of Israel
that I want to be connected to

Why did I say it only now,
old and with the last ink:
the nuclear power of Israel
threat the world peace?
Because it must be said
what tomorrow will be too late;
Because – as Germans and with
enough faults on the back -
we might also become deliverers of a predictable
crime, and no excuse would erase our complicity

And I admit: I won’t be silent
because I had enough of the Western hypocrisy;
Because I wish that many will want
to get rid of the silence,
exhorting the cause of a recognizable
risk to the abdication, asking that a free and permanent control
of the Israel atomic power
and the Iran nuclear bases
will be made by both the governments
with an international supervision

Only in this way, Israelis, Palestinians, and everybody,
all people living hostile face to face in that
country occupied by the craziness,
will have a way out,
so us too.

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