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Last month, one of America’s most powerful Israel lobby group, ADL of B’nai B’rith, honored former US diplomat Stuart E. Eizenstat for his long and dedicated services toward the Holocaust industry, Israel and the Jewish people. Stuart E. Eizenstat held senior positions during Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton administrations. He represented United States during negotiations with governments of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and other European countries to extract billions of dollars as compensation for Jewish victims under Nazi regime. Jewish academic, Dr. Norman Finkelstein has claimed in his book ‘The Holocaust Industry’ that the main beneficiary of this extortion had been the Zionist state of Israel.

On Friday, Israeli daily Ha’aretz, published a lengthy interview with Stuart E. Eizenstat in which the former US ambassador to European Union suggested that the nations which desire to join the European Union (EU), should be forced to pay compensation for crimes against the Jews (not Christians, Gypsies on non-Europeans). Eizenstat singled out Croatia which is set to join the EU next year.

“It is time for Croatia to commence a restitution program and the formation of an independent commission of international scholars to examine the country’s wartime past. Now is the time for the European Union to exact the maximum amount of leverage. But once they’re in, the leverage is lost,” says Eizenstat.

Interestingly, Eizenstat did not mention the Americans who profitted from the Nazi era or the Muslims in Turkey, Iran and Albania who saved hundreds of thousands of European Jews from Nazis while the FDR Zionist-controlled administration was turning away from the US coast the ships with fleeing Jews and some American companies were enjoying great business relationships with the Nazi regime.

Last week Croatian president Ivo Josipovic was in Israel to attend Israel’s 4th Presidential Conference in Jerusalem. Javier Solana, the EU foreign policy chief reminded the delegates attending the conference that his organization’s ties with the Zionist entity (Israel is not a member of EU) are much stronger than those with candidate country Croatia. The Zionist regime claims that 30,000 Croatian Jews died during Nazi era.

Javier Solana also assured his Israeli hosts that EU is “committed to preventing the Islamic Republic from attaing nuclear weapons“.

Eizenstat named Serbia being other potential candidate for extortion. Serbia is expected to join EU in 2014. The Zionist regime claims that Serbian killed more than 14,500 Jews as part of Holocaust.

Israeli writer, Roy Tov, has written in detail on Eizenstat’s interview.

“I apologize to the Honorable Mr. Eizenstat, but his strategy, succinctly summarized by him as “once they’re in, the leverage is lost,” is nothing but an extortion attempt. Extortion is a crime which occurs when money, property, or services are obtained from somebody through coercion. The extortionist refrain from doing harm is called protection, or “Vitamin P” in Israel. The difference between extortion and robbery is that extortion involves a written or verbal threat whereas robbery can occur without any verbal or written threat. Mr. Eizenstat, your implied threat to deny Croatia membership in the EU was a crime,” wrote Roy Tov.

“Mr. Eizenstat and your Israeli allies, you are right. Victims of violence deserve compensation. They deserve to see their violators in jail. They deserve to enjoy the rule of law. But that applies also to the victims of the USA and Israel. You cannot punish criminals associated to a regime you loath, but spare criminals associated to regimes you like. Otherwise you violate the principle of equality among people. Can you follow this complex logic, Honorable Mr. Eizenstat?”, he added.

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