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On January 25, 2013, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Ankara may say goodbye to its wish to join European Union (EU) and join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). “SCO is much better – much more powerful. Pakistan wants in. India wants in as well,”, said Erdogan.

I think Erdogan was trying to rub-in the Zionist entity and bluff its western sponsors. While Ankara has waited in humiliation to be accepted by the EU since 1963, Israel has attained a ”privileged status” at the EU while refusing to join the organization. Turkey is the only Muslim member of NATO – but NATO is under obligation to defend the non-member Zionist entity. Turkey’s main obstacle in joining SCO would be its NATO membership which Ankara would have to renounce. And I believe Ankara is not in a position to do that since its role in pro-USrael regime changes in Libya, Mali, Somalia and Syria.

I hope, Erdogan, knows the similarities and differences between the EU and SCO. While EU is controlled by Germany and France (both have opposed Turkey’s membership) – SCO is controlled by China and Russia. EU members-nations, by large, are pro-Israel. SCO member-nations are not. Both EU and SCO loves dictators and human-right violators, as long as they take dictation from the leading nations of the organizations. NATO, is no doubt the military wing of the western imperialism – but SCO has no military function.

The Islamophobe Israel-Firster Jew, Dr. Daniel Pipes, has claimed that Erdogan being a dictator himself – would feel more comfortable in SCO than the democratic and human-rights champion EU.

“The EU criteria demands demands democracy, human rights, union rights, minority rights, equitable distribution of income, participation and pluralism for Turkey. SCO as a union of countries ruled by dictators and autocrats will not demand any of those criteria for joining“, says Pipes.

Ariel Cohen PhD, a senior fellow at Israel advocacy Jewish group, ‘The Heritage Foundation‘ penned an article, titled ‘Mr. Erdogan Goes to Shanghai’, which was published in The National Interest (February 18, 2013). In the article, Cohen exposes his ‘Islamopohobic credentials’ by saying: “SCO fits Erdogan’s Islamist impulse to defy the West (controlled by the Zionist Jews) and dream of an alternative to it. SCO meetings bristle with anti-Western sentiments. For example, when Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (here we go again!) addressed the group in 2011 in Shanghai, no one rebuffed his conspiracy theory about 9/11 being a US government inside job used as an excuse for invading Afghanistan and Iraq and for killing and wounding over a million people“. I suggest Dr. Cohen needs to learn the truth from his Israeli Jewish brother, Barry Chamish, who claimed last year that the 9/11 was an inside job carried out by Israelis and American Zionists.

Adrian Salbuchi, an Argentinian journalist and author, posted a warning for the diaspora Jews like Daniel Pipes and Ariel Cohen, saying: “The time is fast approaching for the world’s Diaspora Jews and for Israelis, to make a decision: they either staunchly align behind Israel – and thus prepare to fall with Israel – or they align themselves with the nations in which they live and enjoy the just treatment meted out to all those countries’ decent citizens“. I bet Iranian Jews are aware of that wisdom for decades. Read, Salbuchi’s full article here.

The SCO, an intergovenmental security organization, was founded in Shanghai in 2001 with Russia, China, and Muslim majority nations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Later Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan and Mongolia were accepted as “observers”. Turkey joined SCO as “dialogue partner” last year.

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