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Israel’s European Jewish population feels threatened by the large numbers of Black Christians and Aboriginal immigrants and workers. These poor Africans are lured into Israel from war-torn African countries to occupy the menial jobs that were performed by native Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank before they’re beseiged for electing Hamas in 2006.

Last month, Netanyahu government began the construction of world’s largest concentration camp for these African immigrants to maintain the ‘Jewish nature’ of Israel. It’s being build in Negev Desert on the ground of notorious military Ketziot Prison for detaining and torturing Palestinians captured and abducted by Jewish soldiers. The Atlantic Magazine’s Middle East ‘expert’, Jeffrey Goldberg, served as prison guard at Ketziot Prison during first Intifada. The new concentration camp will be large enough to hold 8,000 migrants and asylum seeking refugees fleeing from Sudan, Nigeria and Eritrea.

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin has called the new prison a “concentration camp”.

With an estimated 50,000 African workers in Tel Aviv who are usually called illegal immigrants – remind racist Israeli Jews how their European ancestors replaced native Muslim and Christian Palestinian six decades ago.

On December 11, 2011 – dozens of racist Israeli Jews marched in Tel Aviv chanting slogans such as “Tel Aviv for Jewish people! Sudanese in Sudan“. Prominent Israeli politicians Baruch Marzel and Michael Ben Ari both made appearances at the demonstration. The same day, Benji Netanyahu announced that his government has allocated $160 million to continue construction of Egyptian border fence to stop African workers entering Israel, as well as to expand the capacity of military detention centers and crackdown on employers who hire the ‘illegal’ African workers.

Canada-born editor of Israeli daily Ha’aretz, David Sheen’s, video documentary below, illustrates how Israel’s Zionazi approach to African workers is rooted in deeply ingrained Jewish racist nature and an official policy of countering demographic threats to Jewish supremacy.

Israeli daily Maariv recently reported that BTS, a Jewish mercenary firm run by Col. Beni Tal, offered his services to Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai to expel thousands of African migrant workers and refugees living near Tel Aviv’s central bus station by violent force.

In October 2009, head of IDF’s National Security College, professor Arnon Sofer told Arutz Sheva‘s Hebrew service that African illegal immigrants are Israel’s strategic problem of the first degree. He added that Israeli government should understand that as result of non-Jewish immigration – Jews would become a minority that would be slaughtered by the majority.

“If we do not want a Jewish state we can close up shop and go to Boston, New York or Los Angeles,” said Sofer.

The pro-Israel NGO’s trap the anti-Muslim Africans with Hollywood-style rosy stories about job opportunities and religious tolerance in Israel. These immigrants are ignorant of the fact that how could an entity would treat them with justice when it’s trying its best exterminate lands’ native people.

In October 2010, Bnei Brak rabbis issued a statement calling on Jews to avoid renting homes to Africans and warned against a ‘spiritual danger’. Violence against African immigrants is on the rise all over Israel.

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