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Leaders of several major American Jewish organizations met Barack Obama and members of his national security team on January 23, 2013 offering abject apologies for the Israeli covert attack on USS Liberty. According to Karl Reich, BNN senior producer, the Jewish groups included ADL, AIPAC and the Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations. However, the Israeli ambassador in Washington could not attend the meeting due to sickness.

It took American Jewish leaders 46 year to admit that Israel did attentionally attack electronic intelligence-gathering ship, USS Liberty, on June 8, 1967, which resulted the death of 34 young Americans and wounding another 171. The Zionist regime blamed Egypt for the attack. The Israeli-poodle president Lyndon Johnson (his mother Rebekah Baines had Jewish family roots) covered Israeli foot-prints under the influence of his advisor, Mathilde Krim, a former operative of Jewish terrorist group Irgun. Her husband Arthur Krim, then chaired the finance committee for the Democratic National Committee.

Both Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Dean Rusk, secretary of state refuted Israeli story (“a tragic incident”) and called the incident a deliberate Israeli attack to suck American forces on Israeli side against Arabs.

Lt. Com. James Ennes was one of the survivors on USS Liberty. His story can be read here. James was hounded by the Jewish Lobby groups for years. They called him “antisemite”, “Nazi bastard” and “drop dead”.

Alan Hart, veteran British war correspondent an author who covered the war from Sinai – has claimed that Israel was not attacked by Arab armies but it was deliberate attack by Israeli defense minister Gen. Moshe Dayan to destroy Egypt’s Soviet supplied military equipment – planes, missiles, artillery, tanks, the lot. Both Zionist prime minister Eshkol and Dayan took the military adventure as result of US president Lyndon Johnson’s “conditional greenlight”. The invasion and occupation of Jordanian and Syrian territories were not part of President’s greenlight.

I wonder, how many more decades it will take the American Jewish groups to apologize for Israeli bombing of USS Cole at Yemen port. According to former CIA agent, John O’Neill, USS Cole was not blown up by an explosive-laden boat but by an Israeli cruise missile. John O’Neill and his team members were thrown out of Yemen by the Jewish US ambassador Barbara Bodine for not supporting the official story of Al-Qaeda involvement. Al-Qaeda has long been proven to be one of many CIA-Mossad assests.

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