Jonathan Elinoff: Israeli Art Students Had WTC Construction Passes


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Jonathan Elinoff
Core of Corruption
October 12, 2009

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I came across this about 2 weeks ago and wanted to let everyone know that there is a lot more to this story that will be detailed in the upcoming sequel to Core of Corruption: In the Shadows, among many other new pieces of the investigation.* The sequel will be for sale soon here at, make sure to get on our newsletter here to get an update on when that film will be released.

I was contacted by an individual who led me to this information about the art students living in WTC Tower 1 before 9/11.* In fact, in May of 2000, they were living on the 91st floor where they were doing construction and sleeping in tents.* They did have construction passes.* I do believe that ACE Elevator and Securicom, as well as Kroll Associates should be focused on, however, this is important information that has never been confirmed, until now.

These art students were apart of the art group, gelitin, and were pulling off a large stunt in the name of art, at least that is the official story. Gelatin is notorious for encouraging and participating in various stunts and elaborate adventures to push art into the pop culture by performing publicity stunts. The project these art students from Austria and Germany were apart of was called, “The B-Thing.”

I am in the process of uploading all of the photos and information to make available to everyone online, so be looking for that soon.* In the meantime, I broke the story on Kevin Barret’s radio show, “Truth Jihad” which airs every Saturday on American Freedom Radio.* The audio from that interview is in the Youtube clip at the top of this post, but if you want to download it, it is at the following link:

The art students released a book about their art event out of Austria and the book is extremely hard to come by. IN fact, it is limited release and most copies are sold, I had to search very hard to find a copy but I found one. Here is a link to one of the stores that used to sell it:

The New York times did an article on the Gelatin crew made up of up to 14 Austrian and German students. You can view the original New York Times article here:

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