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For the last two days, Zionist-controlled mainstream media is pre-occupied by the latest Clinton-Monica sex affair (Monica worked for Mossad). James Clapper, director National Intelligence said in a written statement on Friday that the retired media hero of Iraq and Afghan wars, Gen. David H. Petraeus had resigned as head of CIA after FBI investigation found out that the General was having extramarital relation with his biographer Paula Broadwell, an attractive brunette with the expressive green eyes. Broadwell is author of Petraeus biography ‘All In: The Education of General David Petraeus’.

Gen. Petraeus in his letter of resignation to Barack Obama, wrote: “After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in extramarital affair. Such behaviour is unacceptable (as if he did not know that when he was in bed with Paula), both as a husband and as the leader of an organization as ours“. Obama accepted the resignation.

Obama has appointed Petraeus’ deputy director Michael Morell as acting CIA director at the recommendation of his Israel-First counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan. Brennan was staff director for former CIA director George Tenet (born as David Cohen). Morell had helped Tenet in the cover-up of Israel’s involvement in the 9/11.

Several of Israel-Firsters who are under investigation for taking money from Iranian terrorist organization Mujahideen-e-Khalq have lauded Gen. Petraeus as hero of US war in Iraq and criticized Obama for accepting his resignation.

Several Jewish media outlets have claimed Petraeus’ to be a “fall guy” for the death of US ambassador inside CIA compound in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Christopher Stevens along with three other American officials were victims of a CIA-Mossad false flag operation to fuel anti-Iran propaganda.

Gen. Petreaus met Paula 40 at Harvard in 2010 where she was working on military Ph.D. Paula is married to Scott Broadwell and both have two children. She broke-up with Petraeus when he was appointed director of CIA by Barack Obama on September 6, 2011. Pual studied Arabic when she was stationed in Jordan.

David Petraeus, who has Jewish family roots – was called Zionism’s military poodle by professor James Petras in May 2008. Petraeus’ hatred toward the Islamic Republic is well-known. It was he who cooked-up the lie that Iranian agents tried to murder Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington last year. The faked charges further strained relations with Iran, making a possible military confrontation more likely.

As it turned out, the case was based primarily on statements from an Iranian-American car dealer Mansour Arbabsiar, who clumsily tried to hire drug dealers to murder Saudi Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir, though Arbabsiar was actually talking to a Drug Enforcement Agency informant. Arbabsiar pled guilty last month as his lawyers argued that their client suffers from a bipolar disorder. In other words, Petraeus and his CIA escalated an international crisis largely on the word of a person diagnosed by doctors of his own defense team as having a severe psychiatric disorder.

Jewish reporter and author Bob Woodward reported in his book ‘Obama’s Wars’ that Dubya Bush’s top staffers, Robert Gates, David Petraeus and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen made is sure that Barack Obama continues Dubya’s pro-Israel and anti-Muslim foreign policy.

Gen. Petraeus sacked over his mistress! | Rehmat's World

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BREAKING: David Petraeus resigns as head of CIA due to extra-maritatal affair

By Daily Mail Reporter

David Petraeus today resigned as director of the CIA after admitting an extra-marital affair.

The former general had been one of the most respected figures in the military and intelligence establishment, but has stepped down to deal with the 'personal and professional issues' surrounding his relationship with a woman who is not his wife.

He had been sworn in as head of the CIA in September 2011.

More here:

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"Did Petraeus mistress reveal secret CIA prison?"

Did Petraeus mistress reveal secret CIA prison? Paula Broadwell may have divulged new information on Benghazi scandal

TEL AVIV – Did Paula Broadwell, the alleged mistress of ex-CIA Director David Petraeus, reveal a secret CIA detention center in Benghazi during a public speech she gave last month?

Broadwell, a former counterterror operative, co-authored a bestselling biography of Petraeus, titled “All In.” She discussed the book during a keynote speech on Oct. 26 at a University of Denver alumni symposium. The speech is available in full on YouTube.

During a question-and-answer session, Broadwell was asked about this year’s Sept. 11 attacks against the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

She stated: “Now I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually had taken a couple of Libya militia members prisoner. And they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted.”

The existence of a U.S. prison or CIA detention center in Benghazi would be a new development in the debate surrounding the attacks there. The information does not appear to be publicly known.

An extensive WND search of news media coverage of the Benghazi attacks could find no mention of prisoners being held at the CIA annex.

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor spoke to an FBI whistleblower two weeks ago who accused Petraeus of not only having an extramarital affair, but potentially jeopardizing the security of classified information.

During the same university speech, Broadwell may have also divulged information that Petraeus knew “within 24 hours” of CIA annex’s request for reinforcements, reported Israel National News.

“The challenging thing for Gen. Petraeus,” she stated, “is that in his new position, he’s not allowed to communicate with the press. So he’s known all of this – they had correspondence with the CIA station chief in Libya, within 24 hours they kind of knew what was happening.”

Earlier she had said the military could have sent reinforcements.

“They were requesting the – it’s called the C-in-C’s In Extremis Force – a group of Delta Force operators, our very, most talented guys we have in the military. They could have come and reinforced the consulate and the CIA annex.”

With additional research by Joshua Klein

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Here is more information on this:

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 10:51
Written by Kerry Cassidy

For those who are wondering about the real story behind the Patraeus affair, here is a completely different angle:

General Petraeus has been and remains personal friends of Paula Broadwell and her husband for over 20 years.

Broadwell was trying to protect General Petraeus and Ambassador Stevens from an FBI Division 5 Israeli Mossad instigated email hacking attack against General Petraeus and Stevens as Petraeus and Stevens and other patriotic members of the U.S. military were compiling "smoking gun evidence" concerning the criminal money laundering activity of the Bush-Clinton-Cheney Crime Family Syndicate's Omega Fund.

Note: The Omega Fund has accrued massive profits from the illegal rigging of the LIBOR rate tied to Barclays Bank of England, UBS Switzerland and Citibank of New York." -- Tom Heneghan

Tom Heneghan's blog references links to death of Ambassador Stevens (characterized as a targeted hit)...

As we have reported in previous intelligence briefings, Ambassador Stevens was in possession of the December of 2001 Osama bin Laden aka 9/11 patsy and CIA employee Tim Osman's death certificate.

Stevens also was in possession of financial records regarding the money laundry activities of the Bush-Clinton-Cheney Crime Family Syndicate administered Omega Fund, which was involved in launderingWanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol Funds through nine (9) major U.S. banking institutions.

Again, it is important to remember that the night of the Benghazi attacks massive volatility took place in gold, silver and crude oil futures in which billions of dollars were rearranged and disguised in illegal cross-collateralized derivatives tied to Citibank and the London LIFFE Exchange.'--Tom Heneghan
This statement from a previous intel report by Heneghan sums up the link between this takedown of Patraeus just before he is due to testify regarding the Benghazi incident:
Petraeus was ready to finger current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser Hillary RodenhurstClinton for ordering a U.S. military stand down as U.S. Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens was being assassinated by bought and paid for U.S. government provocateurs, as well as the rogue U.S. CIA data base aka Al Qaeda. -- Tom Heneghan

To add to the complexity of what is really going on, this MSNBC article reveals that Broadwell is actually an agent...

The new information offers clues about how federal investigators could connect a handful of anonymous emails to Broadwell, a trained intelligence officer who spent years working with some of the most secretive agencies in the world. --NBC News article

If this is the case, then Broadwell's role is much more than that of a simple "biographer". What all of the above points to is a war with the Bush Cabal from within our government that now reaches into the offices of the President, Secretary of State and Attorney General. It also raises the possibility that there is a widening of the net around the recent reported "coup" that resulted in:

General Petraeus’s toppling follows similar attacks by the Obama regime in the past 3 weeks that has seen the unprecedented ouster of many top US Military leaders including Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, all of whom we had previously reported on in our reports “Obama Coup Plot Slams Into Russia” and “Obama Fires Top Admiral As Coup Plot Fears Grows.”

The focus on the so-called scandal of an extramarital affair by Patraeus, is a news smear tactic to take eyes away from the real battle going on in Washington DC. The American people have no idea that a battle is raging to takeover the government by a least one group of the military. What their agenda is and whether they will be successful is unclear.

However, it appears that the Bush Cabal is facing a challenge to power coming from within high levels of the military who are working in conjunction with a portion of the CIA and perhaps others. The media blitz is the way the Bush cabal is fighting back.

This battle being fought in the public arena between the two sides is one aimed at hiding behind character assasination attacks in order to ward off real investigation into the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, revelations about Libor, the Omega Fund and much much more...

Question: Were Patraeus and Ambassador Stevens members of a very strong and substantial group working to take down the Bush Cabal? If so, what are their true objectives and alignments?

As this drama moves forward be aware that the players on both sides are coming forward and taking stands in the public arena. You will know who belongs to which side or at least have a key to their allegiances by what roles they play... and the statements they make to the Press. If only the Press were really interested in revealing the truth and the bigger story beyond the superficial red herrings they chose to follow... always involving sex and scandal as oppoesed to reporting the breakdown of the U.S., regime change and where this is all leading.


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Petraeus Promoted Email Surveillance & Bugging Our Home Appliances

(2 min. video)

Alexandra Bruce
November 15, 2012

Prior to his abrupt resignation this week over an "extra-marital affair," former CIA Director, David Petraeus spoke at the non-profit In-Q-Tel CEO Summit, where he advocated the expansion of the Internet beyond our computers into everyday household appliances and fixtures, where their use and their users can be monitored by law enforcement, much as our cell phones and computers are easily monitored today.

Petraeus projected that 50 to 100 billion of such random things will be connected by 2020 but the technology certainly exists for certain snoopy people to bug any number of familiar household items, using cellphone apps right now and the UK's Daily Mail recently announced that chip manufacturer, ARM "unveiled low-powered, cheaper chips that can be used in everything from fridges and ovens to doorbells."

Advocates of Constitutional Law and the Right to Privacy, such as Alex Jones, that the transformation of washing machines into law enforcement stealth tracking devices takes the whole idea of government power too far.

For his part, Petraeus described this new technology as "Transformational in tracking persons of interest in CIA investigations."

In-Q-Tel of Arlington, Virginia, is a venture capital firm that invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies, equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability.


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Wonder how many of us are being monitered, and if you can tell.

Good timing for all of this to be left out in the open though. I don't know how much he could tell as a civilian, or how credible it would appear to be to TPTB after he was hung out to dry,by the MSM.