Truth feeder
Source: Jim Humble NEWSLETTER

Kill Order #?

I have just learned from a highly reliable source that the FBI now has a kill order on Jim Humble. That’s me. I wish I could say that the Government source isn’t very reliable, but this source has proven to be very reliable up to this time. Several plans were to be considered including having me invited to a country in Asia and there I would have an accident. The other possibility was that I could have an accident here in the Dominican Republic, but that would be a less likely plan. But remember, when Obama says kill, that's what they do. It doesn't matter if they are guilty or not.

Why not? They kidnapped my friend, Greg Caton, from Ecuador and brought him back to prison after Ecuador had given him political asylum. It was in the newspaper about a year ago. Check it out for yourself. Search for "Greg Canton Kidnapped" in Google search. I have another friend in prison for healing people and another one, with his legs blown off for healing people. There is a list of 160 scientists who have made inventions that would aid mankind in one way or another who have died violent deaths in the past 20 years. That isn’t my idea. Check it out on the internet. I don’t care if you believe in conspiracy theories or not; just be willing to read. It’s all there.

The reason I am telling you this is, so that when I come up missing or come up dead you will know what has really happened. And of course, you probably already know that should my death occur, all my books and other materials on MMS become public domain. That is already written into my copyright. Hopefully then, people who knew me or of me will print my books, mainly the last one, and hand them out wholesale until everyone on the planet has one.

I know that there are many of you that are not accustomed to this sort of thing, but on the other hand I have gotten letters from time to time that show that there are many people who do know the score. And the score is, that there are people in this world who are beginning to lose money because of MMS. That, of course is, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and a host of related industries. They aren’t too worried about a few million dollars of losses now, but they are looking at the huge loss that will soon be happening when MMS becomes popular. We all know that, “the love of money”, is one of the main reasons for the world’s problems.

Of course, it is a little late for them to do anything now with more than 8 million people having used MMS and with thousands of web sites and with thousands of MMS success stories posted all over the world. But still, if they could say I disappeared and then if they put some poisoned MMS out without me to oppose them they might make some of their lies stick. Remember, for every cancer patient that they convince that MMS doesn’t work they make $800,000 dollars for the cancer industry. A similar story exists for malaria the worst disease of mankind and many other diseases.

Our present ongoing seminar this week: I wish you could meet the people here for this seminar. They are quite similar to the other seminar people over the last year. Most have said to me, “I just came because I had to come.” You got to understand that. All of us are a part of a group that agreed to come here for the third millennium millions of years ago. We came to save Earth. When I mention it, almost every one of them said, “You are right. I knew it. I just needed someone to mention it.” We all want to save Earth. Come and join us. And listen, if you can’t get the money, let us know. We’ll try to help you. Come and become a minister in our non-religious church. The more people that are trained, the quicker we can help this world become, “a world without disease”.